Home printers allow you to print off your documents, photos and other memories without getting to a computer first. 

But whether it’s for your home or office, buying a new printer can be overwhelming with all the options available. 

That’s why we’ve written this article. This pro guide lists the best printers available in NZ and has a buyers guide so you can make a well informed decision before making your buying purchase.

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The 5 BEST Home Printers in NZ

HP Envy Pro 6420E

Price: $99
Type: Inkjet

The 5 BEST Home Printers in NZ
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Up to A4 print size
  • Affordable

The HP Envy Pro 6420E printer is perfect for printing anything that needs to be on A3 or larger. The main reason this thing is special is because it prints both sides of the paper at once, which saves you time and ink. Printing A3 pages on an office laser printer even without trying to save paper merely takes more than twice as long as printing one side of a page.

The HP Envy Pro 6420E also offers a fax mode that will take incoming faxes and scan them into a file instead, saving wear and tear on both your machine and phone line. It does this in three minutes versus the fifteen minutes it would take by waiting for a call to come in before answering it or manually importing each page.

Epson Workforce WF-7845

Price: $499
Type: Inkjet

The 5 BEST Home Printers in NZ
  • Duplex capable
  • A3 printer
  • 500 sheet capacity

If there’s one thing you can count on with the Epson Workforce WF-7845, it’s that it’ll do what you need from a printer. It’s fast and reliable both as a networked office laser printer and as a personal printer for those who need to take their computer elsewhere without wanting to haul around their main work machine.

The Workforce features three different methods of connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) and USB 2.0 Client Direct Link which is unique in its capacity.

Brother MFC-J5730DW

Price: $329
Type: Inkjet

The 5 BEST Home Printers in NZ
  • 500 sheet capacity
  • Up to A3 size
  • 4-in-1 colour

The Brother MFC-J5730DW printer’s driverless printing is efficient, prints are always sharp and detailed, it prints in high quality colour printouts, prints in high speed mode to save time, automatic duplex printing saves paper, prints on different media sizes including A3 size. It also supports scanning, faxing and copying.

The Brother MFC-J5730DW printer is worth the wait. This machine can perform many functions including wireless printing, print-scaning/faxing and copying.

This printer has an affordable price tag too, perfect for smaller budgets. For easy, multitasking output with no need for additional software installation this inkjet printer is great.

Xerox Phaser 6510

Type: Laser

The 5 BEST Home Printers in NZ
  • Fast print speed
  • Strong design
  • Up to A3 size

The Xerox Phaser 6510 printer is a high performance printer. It is best for people who are heavy print users because it has a lot of features that are great for printing, copying and scanning documents. 

The Xerox Phaser 6510 printer also has an inbuilt duplexer which means that you can enjoy double-sided printing without having to rely on the tray option which could save paper and money.

Brother MFCL2713DW Mono Laser Multifunction

Price: $329
Type: Laser

The 5 BEST Home Printers in NZ
  • Super fast printing
  • Easy to use display
  • 250 sheet capacity

The Brother MFCL2713DW printer is a good choice for people who need a multifunction printer. This machine can be connected to a computer wirelessly or by using a USB cable, and it will use the computer’s software to print all your documents.

This machine also has an ECO mode that halts printing when your printer’s ink tanks are running low on ink so you don’t have to keep an eye on your ink levels. You can also use this machine as a scanner and copier, making it multi-functional.

Printer Buyers Guide:

When it comes to selecting a new printer, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. This buyers guide for buying a printer in New Zealand will help you make your difficult decision by providing all the information you need about printers in New Zealand.

It’s important to consider what type of printer is best suited for your needs and how much money you want or can spend on a printer before making an informed purchase decision.

What type of printer is right for you?


The first type of printer is an inkjet. An inkjet printer uses a process called “sublimation” to transfer dye from the print head to the paper. Inkjets are considered economical, have high quality printing, and are often popular with photographers.

The pros of an inkjet printer are that they have high quality printing and are economical. They also have a lot of colors available. The cons of an inkjet printer are that the inks can sometimes smear when wet or if you touch them, they can ruin other things in your house, and it’s hard to remove the color from clothes even when you wash them.

Laser Printer

The second type of printer is a laser. Laser printers use heat and pressure to form images on disks or drums. They can be used for desktop publishing and printing out text-only pages.

The pros of a laser printer are that they’re usually very fast, they’re good for larger office environments, they cost more per page than an inkjet printer but less than a photocopier, and it’s easy to replace the toner cartridge. The cons of a laser printer is that the resolution isn’t as high as some other printers, they can be a bit noisy, and it’s not great for printing photos.

MFD Printer

The third type is a multi-function device (MFD). These devices can print, scan, photocopy and fax as well as many other functions depending on the machine you choose.

A MFD printer is great for home use, in an office environment, or in a small business. You can also use it to print, scan, copy, and fax. It’s also good because you don’t have to connect it to your PC when printing.

An MFD printer might not be the best choice if you want to do anything more than just print. If you need high quality photo printing or super fast printing speeds, this isn’t the printer for you.

Important specs to look for


The DPI is important to consider when buying a printer because it determines how sharp and crisp the printing will be.

DPI stands for dots per inch. The higher the DPI, the sharper and crisper your images will be.


A PPM is important to consider before buying a printer because it determines the quality of the printing. A PPM stands for pages per minute. The higher the PPM, the faster you can print pages.

If you have large documents or have to print lots of copies at one time, you are going to need a higher PPM to do so.

Connectivity is important

It’s important to consider the connectivity of the printer you want to buy. Does it support Wi-Fi? Can you connect to it via USB and so on..

Having the printer connected to WiFi or internet can be convenient when you want to quickly print something. It’s also useful if you need to set up multiple printers in one place.

Connecting your printer via USB can be helpful because it uses anywhere from two percent of the power up to 100% which helps save power and money over time.

Does it support Duplexing?

Duplexing is when the printer prints on both sides of the paper. This can save you money because you don’t have to buy as much paper.

If you’re printing a lot you might want to look for a printer that supports duplexing.

Cost of ink?

Some printers cost a lot for the ink. If you do a lot of printing, you might want to look for a printer that has reasonably priced ink or one that uses different ink other than regular ink.

To determine what to look for in a printer, you should ask yourself how often would the printer need to be replaced? How much money can I spend each month on printing costs? Do I print documents or just photos and images? If the answer is that you need a machine with higher resolution and large document capabilities, then ink costs will not really be a factor.

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