In today’s ever-evolving home entertainment landscape, the need for a TV stand that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective has never been more prominent. As we venture further into 2023, a standout collection of TV stands has emerged, blending harmoniously with modern tech aesthetics while ensuring they serve their primary function efficiently. Let’s unpack the hallmarks of this year’s top contenders, encompassing both Imperial and Metric measurements for a comprehensive overview.

A noticeable trend in this year’s line-up is the move towards larger dimensions to cater to the increasing screen sizes of contemporary televisions. Many of the sought-after stands are now effortlessly accommodating TVs up to 85 inches (approximately 216 cm), and some even extending their weight capacity to a hefty 280 pounds (around 127 kg). These figures signal a robust and durable design, ensuring stability for even the latest, expansive OLED and QLED screens.

However, dimensions and weight capacity are just one part of the story. The aesthetics this year lean heavily into sleek, minimalistic designs with subtle touches of luxury. Think matte finishes juxtaposed with sporadic metallic accents — a look that can seamlessly fit into both a stark, modern apartment and a cozy, traditional home.

Functionality is also at the forefront. Adjustable shelving units, often measuring around 18 inches (45.72 cm) in depth, ensure ample space for an assortment of entertainment devices — from gaming consoles and digital streamers to intricate sound systems. Additionally, intuitive cable management solutions are a common feature, acknowledging the perennial challenge of tangled cords and cluttered spaces.

In essence, the best TV stands of 2023 are more than just a piece of furniture; they are a testament to how design and functionality can coexist, creating a harmonious viewing experience. With a diverse range to choose from, homeowners and tech enthusiasts alike are sure to find a stand that aligns with their unique needs and aesthetic preferences.

🥇 Our Pick

Table Top Stand for 37 to 65, 70 inch TVs

Table Top Stand for 37 to 65, 70 inch TVs Image

  • TV Size 37”-70”
  • ±30° Swivel
  • 88lbs Load

Buy now – $49.99 (Amazon)

🥈 Runner up

TV Stand up to 75 Inch Televisions

TV Stand up to 75 Inch Image

  • Product Size 59″L
  • Item Weight 39lb
  • 75 Inch TV

Buy now – $149.99 (Amazon)

🥉 Recommended

Universal TV Stand Tabletop

Universal TV Stand Tabletop Image

  • 2.12oz
  • 5.9×14.76×1.77in
  • 22″-65″ TVs

Buy now for $25.99

What to Consider When Buying a TV Stand?

  • Size Compatibility: Ensure the stand can accommodate your TV’s size. Check the product’s specs for TV size ranges, like 37″ – 70″ (93.98 cm – 177.8 cm).
  • Weight Limit: It’s crucial the stand can support your TV’s weight. A stand for a TV weighing up to 110 lbs (49.9 kg) might be ideal for larger TVs.
  • Mounting Holes: Check for VESA mounting hole compatibility, ensuring it matches your TV’s mounting pattern, such as 600x400mm (24″x16″).
  • Material and Build: Opt for high-quality materials like tempered glass, engineered wood, or metal for durability and stability.
  • Features: Some stands offer swivel, height adjustments, or additional storage shelves. Determine which features are essential for your setup.
  • Style and Aesthetics: Consider the design, color, and style of the stand to ensure it complements your room’s decor.
  • Additional Ports: Some TV stands come equipped with extra outlets and USB ports for convenience.
  • Price: Set a budget and explore options within that range. Remember, higher cost doesn’t always mean better quality.

Tip: Consider the room’s layout, traffic patterns, and viewing angles when positioning your TV stand for the best viewing experience.

5 BEST TV Stands

1. PERLESMITH Table Top Stand

PERLESMITH Table Top Stand


  • TV Size: 37”-70”
  • ±30° Swivel
  • Weight: 88lbs
  • 9 Height Options
  • Tempered Glass

The PERLESMITH stand effortlessly accommodates TVs from 37 to 70 inches with a robust 88lbs capacity. Its 60° swivel range and multiple height options coupled with a stylish tempered glass base make it a standout in its price range.

2. MAHANCRIS TV Stand up to 75 Inch



  • Integrated Socket
  • Industrial Design
  • 75-Inch Capacity
  • Stable Build
  • Ample Storage

MAHANCRIS ensures a blend of style and function with its industrial-themed TV stand. It not only accommodates large TVs but also offers integrated sockets for device charging. With sturdy construction and ample storage, it’s a reliable choice for modern living rooms.

3. WALI Universal TV Stand Tabletop

WALI Universal TV Stand Tabletop


  • Wide Compatibility
  • Adjustable Height
  • Protective Padding
  • Easy Installation
  • Lightweight Build

The WALI Universal TV Stand offers versatile compatibility for 22″-65″ TVs. With easy installation, adjustable height, and protective padding, it’s a top choice for those wanting a functional and affordable stand.

4. PERLESMITH TV Stand Mount for 37-75 Inch TVs



  • Soundbar Space
  • Sturdy Base
  • Swivel Stand
  • Furniture Match
  • High Satisfaction

The PERLESMITH stand, suitable for 37-75″ (94-190 cm) TVs, boasts a versatile design with height adjustments for optimal viewing. Its sturdy, swiveling base accommodates soundbars, promising both aesthetics and functionality.

5. Greenstell TV Stand with Power Outlet

Greenstell TV Stand


  • Power Outlet
  • Cable Management
  • Solid Base
  • 60° Swivel
  • Adjustable Height

The Greenstell TV Stand seamlessly integrates functionality with style, offering power outlets and efficient cable management. Suitable for TVs from 32″-70″, its solid wood base ensures durability. The swivel feature and adjustable height options enhance user convenience, offering a tailored viewing experience.

TV Stand FAQs

Q: What are the standard dimensions for TV stands?

A: Standard TV stands are typically between 21-23 inches (53-58 cm) in height. However, the width varies depending on the size of the TV it’s designed to hold. Ensure you measure your TV’s width and add at least 2 inches (5 cm) on either side for optimal fit.

Q: Do TV stands come with built-in cable management?

A: Many modern TV stands include built-in cable management systems. These can be in the form of cut-out holes, channels, or concealed compartments to help keep cables organized and hidden from view.

Q: Can a TV stand support wall-mounted TVs?

A: TV stands are primarily designed to support TVs placed directly on them. However, some stands come with a mounting bracket or column which allows for a wall-mounted TV aesthetic while still using the stand as a base.

Q: How much weight can a typical TV stand support?

A: Most TV stands can support weights ranging from 50-250 pounds (23-113 kg). However, always check the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure it matches or exceeds the weight of your TV and additional equipment.

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