Electric lawnmowers are becoming more and more popular as they become more and more effective at cutting grass. With that said they’re relatively new and unknown. This makes it difficult to determine which electric lawnmower is right for your circumstances.

To assist you with your electric lawnmower buying decision, we’ve complied a list of the 5 BEST Electric Lawn Mowers NZ.

We’ve also included an electric lawn mower buyer’s guide so you know what questions you need to ask and what you need to consider before choosing an electric lawn mower.

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The 5 BEST Electric Lawn Mowers NZ

1GreenWorks Lawnmower 40V 460mm

Price: $799
Catcher Size: 55L

This gorgeous machine is perfect for any one with a big backyard, but it’s also great for smaller yards too.

At its widest setting the 530mm steel cutting blade mechanism can mow perfectly through almost anything in your way.

The powerful brushless motor and full steel deck will cut some of the toughest grasses around while still being incredibly safe to operate on uneven surfaces due to its 7 positioning height adjusters.

The adjustable self-propelled drive makes it easy to mow just about anywhere effortlessly while saving up energy from that precious 40V battery pack during use!

Buy now for $799 from TradeTested.co.nz

2GreenWorks 460mm Lawnmower + Line Trimmer Kit

Price: $749
Catcher Size: 55L

This GreenWorks Lawnmowe is an all-purpose miracle worker.

Whether you need to get rid of your garden waste or tame unruly lawns – this thirty inch, 40V model will do it!

It offers four cutting modes and a robotic load sensor that automatically adjusts output according to conditions. And for those moments when you don’t want clean up the handling yourself, push a button and switch over to side discharge or mulching mode.

Once the mowings done change to the trimmer. The G-MAX 40V Li-Ion line trimmer whips through any of those hard to reach spots, making gardening easier than ever before.

With GreenWorks’ soft grip handles and forearm rests designed for comfort, you’ll be able to power through the toughest weeds without faltering.

Buy now for $749 from TradeTested.co.nz

3Bosch Advanced Rotak 36

Price: $789
Catcher Size: 40L

The Bosch AdvancedRotak 36 is a powerful electric mower that executes remarkable results for easy and almost noiseless mowing.

The ProSilence feature reduces the sound emitted by up to 30%, while also filtering out unpleasant noise, through its acoustically enhanced design.

The height adjustment on this model has one button to choose from seven cutting levels, which range from 25 mm-80mm, so you can be ready to start mowing straight away.

It includes a battery and charger as well as a heat-insulated blade axle adapter for added safety against burns due to grass sticking on blades during hot weather conditions.

Buy now for $789 from Mitre10

4Certa 40V

Price: $269
Catcher Size: 40L

The Certa 40V Battery Powered 37cm Electric Lawn Mower is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-maintain lawn free of blade wrenching, poisonous gas or endless petrol having to be pumped.

This electric mower is lightweight and therefore offers longer battery life compared to some models, while its big wheels give you optimum maneuverability thanks to their wide range.

It’s automatic blade control ensures blades cut across every single grass strand with ease.

The power adaptive load sensing functionality adjusts the mowing intensity according to how long the grass is; this helps ensure an even cut across all blades at different lengths.

Buy now for $269 from MightyApe.co.nz

5Ozito 1200W

Price: $129
Catcher Size: 25L

The Ozito ELM-1230 lawnmower is the perfect solution for people with multiple homes or large gardens.

This 1200W mower also features an efficient design which includes a safety switch mechanism that prevents operation when in contact with the blades, helping to avoid accidental start-ups.

3 position height adjustment and 305mm cut provide versatility while a 25 litre catch bag keeps clean up easy.

Buy now for $129 from Bunnings

Electric Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

This Electric Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide will inform you which questions you should ask before buying an electric lawn mower.

It’ll also go into detail about what you should consider before deciding which electric lawn mower is right for you.

Why choose an electric lawn mower?

A large majority of electric lawn mowers in this day and age are “Green” which make them environmentally friendly and will result in less pollution in your yard.

They’re also the best choice for the environment because electric lawn mowers are extremely energy efficient.

An electric powered lawn mower can save you a lot. You don’t need fuel to use them and the original purchase cost when compared to gasoline powered models is usually a lot less.

Electric power means no worrying about smell, maintenance or noise associated with gas powered models. The lack of emissions also means that you don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful fumes from your lawn mower as it runs.

Electric lawn mowers tend to be easy on the ears – no loud engine noise – making them ideal for suburban areas where there’s shared walls with neighbors close by.

What features does the electric lawn mower come with?

An electric lawn mower will usually have a blade, a handlebar and base to hold the machine upright. Electric lawn mowers often have a safety switch that will need to be turned on before you can start the engine.

But there are some specific features you should look at more closely when deciding on the right electric lawn mower for you.

Height adjustment capability

Height adjustments are usually part of the handlebar and can differ in different models. These adjustments can be made to accommodate for safe cutting heights for children, adults and other lawns like high maintenance yards.

Height adjustments can also determine how much effort is required when using a lawnmower. For example, a lawnmower with a height adjustment set on a lower height will require less effort than if it was set at a higher height because more of the blade would have a lot more weight on it.

Mulcher or Catcher?

You may be wondering how mulched vs. bagged grass will play out in your yard and if there’s a specific electric lawn mower that can do both. There are three blades on an electric lawn mower: two will be used for cutting and one for mulching. So, if you want to get the benefits of mulching but don’t want to go through processing all of the clippings later, then you should consider an electric lawn mower with blades dedicated to mulching.

Battery size?

Battery size is an important factor to consider when purchasing an electric lawn mower, and it’s also a good idea to understand the options before purchasing any type of lawn care machine.

The following are three extremely useful facts about battery life you should know before buying:

Battery life will be longer depending on the environment that the machine operates in. Cold climates will decrease battery life, while warm or even hot climates may increase battery life. If you live in a cooler climate make sure you get an extra set of batteries if they don’t last very long for your area. Getting one more set can help significantly with workload depending on how many times a week you cut the grass.

Battery Life May Vary In Different Models

It’s important to remember that every single battery will be different and some models can have drastically better or worse run times than others.

With electric lawn mowers, it’s important to think ahead and look at what type of batteries they use because if they don’t support your current ones after replacement then you may need to buy new tools as well.

How big is your yard that needs mowing?

As we mentioned earlier, electric lawn mowers can come in different sizes and takes into consideration the size of the yard that needs to be cut. If you have a half an hour to an hour then a small or medium-sized yard will be perfect for you. A large lawn may need more than one person cutting it, so if that’s more your style then considering getting an electric lawn mower with an extra set of batteries is also key!

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