Buying the right electric heater for your home can be a daunting task. There are many different considerations to think about such as price, size, and features. It is important that you know what questions to ask before buying an electric heater so that you don’t end up with one that doesn’t meet your needs.

To assist you with your buying decision we’ve created a list of the 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ! We’ve also included an electric heater buyer’s guide so you know what you need to consider before buying an electric heater.

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The 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ!

Heller 2400W

Price: $170

The 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ

Want a heater that has all the features to keep you warm?

Check out this heater from Heller.

It comes with wheels for moving it around different rooms; an LCD display with easy readability; and extra safety, thanks to its tip-over switch.

Heller 2000W Tower

Price: $157

The 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ

If you’re feeling chilly and your back is to the wall, you’ll need a little extra warmth. But make sure it’s an inferno of cozy comfort with the Heller 2000 Watt Tower Heater!

You can control this heater from across the room thanks to its remote control system.

Plus, there are 3 different heat settings so you can tailor it to suit any occasion.

Spector 2200W Panel

Price: $135

The 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ

With the Spector 2200w Panel you can turn an icy room into a warm and toasty one. In winter, relax on the couch without shivering to death.

Turn on the turbofan to rapidly heat up your room or switch it off to enjoy your silent convection space heater.

Dimplex 2000W Tower

Price: $128

The 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ

Try this elegant ceramic heater for your next winter warmer. This attractive and versatile product is made with the latest technology to provide heat while reducing energy usage, and even comes equipped with a mechanism that causes it to automatically shut off should its glass exterior ever come into contact with the ground or tip over an edge.

Don’t worry about getting too hot either: The Dimplex 2000W Tower Ceramic Heater features manual controls which allow you to set the desired temperature.

Lenoxx 2000W

Price: $87

The 5 BEST Electric Heaters NZ

The Lenoxx 2000W is a convenient and easy home heating system that will keep your family warm and comfortable.

This heater features an adjustable thermostat that gives you the freedom to choose from two heat settings so it can easily work for you no matter what the temperature is out there.

It has convection heating, which produces cleaner air by eliminating oxygen and humidity interference so you can enjoy clean, healthy air during those chilly winter months while being assured of never harming your lungs or nasal passages with harmful gases.

The panel heaters run virtually silently so all occupants in a room get to take advantage of a comforting, peaceful environment without any interruption while they’re trying to relax.

Electric Heater Buyer’s Guide

In this guide, we will go over some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for an electric heater and explain how they may affect your purchase decision.

What type of electric heater is best for your circumstances?

There are a variety of different types of electric heaters available, each with different advantages and disadvantages that can help you determine which is best for your circumstances.


Fans produce a gentle, overall heating effect, and they can be more energy-efficient than other electric heaters. A single watt of an electric heater will create the equivalent of one cubic foot of heated air per minute (CFM), and a 1200 CFM fan will create the same volume in about 12 seconds.

Fans are useful for providing extra circulation or ventilation to unheated parts of your home or office.

Fan electric heaters also offer an advantage over other types of space heating devices as they can be used as both cooling and heating devices, making them very versatile.


Convection electric heaters can be very efficient when it comes to heating. They provide a steady flow of warmth rather than a blast that air conditioners typically produce. However, this type of heater is not as efficient when used for cooling.


Oil heaters are another type of electric heater that you may consider. There are many advantages to this type of heater, such as the ability to use them for both heating and cooling.

One disadvantage is that they will emit fumes if they need to be refilled, which can potentially be harmful to your health.

An advantage of oil heaters is that you can set the thermostat lower and still reach the desired temperature. They also won’t take up a lot of space and cost less than other types of electric heaters.

Panel heater

Panel heaters have a few advantages over other types of electric heaters. One is they do not emit a lot of heat so they can be placed against a wall with no worries about overheating furniture or other items that can be harmed from excessive temperatures.

Another advantage is that the panel heater does not need to protrude from the wall, which leaves more room for things like TVs and paintings.

Disadvantages, however, include the lack of flexibility when compared to other electric heaters as well as their inability to provide heating in areas where there may be drafts or low ceilings.

Where will you be putting the electric heater?

Before deciding on an electric heater, you need to know where it will go.

If you are looking for a portable floor or table-top fan heaters, then having easy access to both the power source and thermostat is important. For example, if your outlet is located under furniture that could not accommodate the length of an extension cord, this may limit which model would work best in that location.

You also want to consider how far away from the target area you plan for the device to be placed while still ensuring enough airflow around it so it can generate ample warmth without overheating itself. Make sure there’s no risk of tripping over cords when walking through each potential placement option as well.

Take measurements before you go shopping so you’ll know the best size and type of electric heater for each spot.

Look for other features that come with the electric heater.

There are a variety of options available when shopping for an electric heater. Things to look out for include:

  • Multiple heat settings
  • A timer so it can be turned on and off automatically without affecting your schedule or energy usage levels
  • An oscillating feature, which allows the air to circulate more evenly throughout a room by shifting back and forth every few minutes

You also want to consider what types of safety features may come with each model you’re considering purchasing. For example, some models have automatic shutoffs if they tip over while others will turn off after several hours if no one is around them with electronic touch controls and anti-freeze capabilities.

A few other factors you might want to consider are the noise level (some heaters will emit a high pitched or low hum that can be distracting), energy usage levels, warranty length, and weight of the heater.

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