A racing gaming chair is a must-have for gamers who want to experience the best of their racing games. There are many different types and models of chairs out there that you can choose from. With that in mind finding the right racing gaming chair for you can be difficult.

To help you with your buying decision here’s the 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ!

You can also read on to the end of article to see our racing gaming chair buyer’s guide which will explain what you need to consider before buying a racing gaming chair.

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The 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ

Next Level GT Track Simulator Cockpit

Price: $1399

The 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ

The Next Level Racing GT Track is a true world-class racing experience.

The cockpit is designed and engineered using professional race car drivers to provide you with the right tools for realistic simulation of your environment.

The tank-like construction ensures that all controls remain solid during use while giving you the adjustable options required for your preferred driving position.

With its advanced design and engineering, this product offers unrivaled quality and performance: perfect for any racer or aspiring driver.

Playseat Evolution PRO Red Bull Racing eSports Gaming Chair

Price: $849

The 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ

The Playseat Evolution PRO – Red Bull Racing Esports is a must have for every gamer who’s looking for the best racing experience their money can buy.

he iconic design, combined with tried and tested quality build, gives you the true feeling of being in an actual racing car!

ActiFit upholstery ensures that this chair is very comfortable during longer gaming sessions.

Playseat WRC Gaming Chair

Price: $748

The 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ

The Playseat WRC Gaming Chair is the newest iteration of the popular racing seat.

Combining race-inspired styling, realistic materials, and quality construction with innovative features found in no other seat on the market today!

Utilizing parts modeled after real racing seats found in World Rally Championship rally cars complete with head stabilizers, this chair provides ultimate comfort with a unique style to boot!

Whether you’re looking for an authentic gaming experience or are getting into simracing, this is your new best friend.

Next Level F-GT LITE Racing Simulator Cockpit

Price: $599

The 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ

Inspired by the F-1200 cockpit, the compact size of this product makes it suitable for use in homes where there might be limited space.

The revolutionary adjustment hubs allow you to switch between GT and Formula racing positions.

Next Level Racing Hubs are made for ultimate durability and rigidness with an innovative design that is easy to assemble.

The sleek, minimalist design may fool you into thinking it’s not much to look at but don’t underestimate its full potential!

Wheel Stand Pro V2 BLACK

Price: $288

The 5 BEST Racing Gaming Chairs NZ

The Wheel Stand Pro V2 BLACK is an adjustable, multifunctional wheelstand that stabilizes and secures the steering wheel.

It has a raised design that allows you to play in various configurations such as sitting on a chair or sofa.

The unique tilt of the steering column to 360 degrees without steps makes it safe and convenient for everyone no matter their height or size.

It can support a keyboard, mouse, gaming controller, pedal set, and other devices made by Thrustmaster and Logitech brands so all your gears can be mounted and used at once efficiently.

And because it’s secured with full metal construction and handcrafted carefully for life-time dependability, stability, safety, and durability – no assembly required!

Racing Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide

If you are a serious racing gamer, then you know how important it is to have the best racing gaming chair. But with so many different types of racing gaming chairs available on the market, which one should you choose? In this buyer’s guide we will explain what you need to consider before buying a racing gaming chair and the questions you should ask before making a buying decision.

What size racing gaming chair is right for you?

Make sure to measure the area where your new racing gaming chair will be placed. You may think that it won’t matter, but if you buy a larger or smaller one than what you need, then this can cause problems.

If you have a small area, then choose a smaller racing gaming chair. If you have an average living room or office space with enough room to walk around the chair and play comfortably, go for a larger one that will accommodate your body size.

Also consider your own personal size, if you’re tall make sure you get a racing gaming chair that accommodates your height.

What is the racing gaming chair material?

The materials used to make racing gaming chairs vary widely. Some are made from leather, while others have a cloth material for the seat and backrest.

Then there’s also a combination of both soft and hard plastics that can be found in different areas too.

What is the racing gaming chair’s frame made out of?

The material of the frame is just as important as that of the seat and backrest. If you have kids, then a strong metal or steel one would be best.

But if you’re an adult gamer who wants to save money, but doesn’t mind replacing it every now and again when your children accidentally break it, a plastic racing gaming chair with aluminum parts may suffice.

What’s included with the racing gaming chair?

There are many different things that come along with a racing gaming chair purchase depending on how much you want to spend and which model/brand you choose. Some basic ones will only include the core essentials such as the seat, base, and backrest while others can easily cost hundreds more by adding features like speakers/sound cards, cup holders, wireless remotes, and other add-ons.

Does the racing gaming chair have lumbar support?

A lumbar support pillow is a must for anyone who spends extended periods of time in their racing gaming chair. This can be especially useful if you have back problems or are buying this type of seat to use as your regular office chair.

Does the racing gaming chair have a secure mount?

The stability of a racing gaming chair is extremely important. If your seat isn’t stable enough it causes discomfort and you could end up hurting yourself if the chair falls over while playing or using other features on it.

Does the racing gaming chair have an ergonomic design?

Ergonomics is the future of racing gaming chairs. The more comfortable and ergonomic a chair is, the better your experience will be while using it for extended periods of time.

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