With so many things to consider, finding the right projector for your home can be tricky. Don’t panic though, we’re here to help.

To assist you with your buying decision here’s a list of the the 5 BEST Projectors NZ! We’ve also included a projector buyer’s guide further down the article so you know what questions you should ask and what you should consider before buying a projector.

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The 5 BEST Projectors NZ

Samsung Premiere P7 Laser Projector

Price: $7,999
Resolution: 4K

The 5 BEST Projectors NZ

The Samsung Premiere P7 Laser Projector is a must-have for any home theater fanatic.

It offers amazing resolution and size to bring your movie into life on the big screen.

The laser technology produces brighter images that are clearly projected, even with smaller screens of 90 – 120 inches.

You can easily increase throw distance with this device to get an even clearer image on the projection, or use it up close at 2200 lumens for equally stunning results!


Price: $4,418
Resolution: 4K

The 5 BEST Projectors NZ

Take your home theater experience to another level.

Breathtaking 4K Image Quality with 8.3M individual pixels onscreen, ALDP technology, and HDR10 are fused wonderfully to provide staggering crisp images and vivid colors that seem to jump off the screen.

With extraordinary brightness, Aura will illuminate any room for an amazing viewing experience so close you can taste it.

Experience true immersive theater-quality projection right in your own living room or conference space without breaking a sweat!

XGIMI’s Aura is here for all of your favorite movies—and more!

BenQ 4K HDR 3000

Price: $3,895
Resolution: 4K

The 5 BEST Projectors NZ

The BenQ TK850i is the ultimate way to create an immersive home theater with dynamic colors that are vivid, detailed and true-to-life.

This 4K HDR 3000 projector easily transforms any room into your own personal theater, featuring diverse mounting options and set up that takes seconds.

Achieve extraordinary detail with 8.3 million pixels on 100 inches or more of projected size for TV shows, movies or games from Google’s Play Store.

ViewSonic X100

Price: $4,598
Resolution: 4K

The 5 BEST Projectors NZ

Step into the 4K UHD future with this ViewSonic X100-4K 40″ LED TV.

This model features an ultra-thin design and 146 visible LED’s to ensure high-quality images are crisp and clear as if you were seeing directly through a window.

The Wide H/V Lens Shift function is perfect for all kinds of installation scenarios allowing flexible placement on your wall, table, or theater cabinet.

Cinema SuperColor+™ Technology brings color accuracy to near Rec709 standards while RevolutionEyes eliminates any potential eyestrain from viewing content up close or far away.

A slim profile (only 3 inches deep), low fan noise (20 dB) and intuitive power-on functionality make it even easier to fall in love with this projector.

ViewSonic M2

Price: $1,499
Resolution: 1920×1080

The 5 BEST Projectors NZ

The ViewSonic M2 Portable Full HD LED projector is here to give you all the features you need.

This lightweight and compact projector fit perfectly in purses, briefcases, backpacks, suitcases – it’s easy to take on the go!

With wireless screen mirroring capability, you can cast content from your mobile device onto this portable projector with no trouble at all.

With a short-throw lens and 30k hours of life for its light source (LED), images can be projected up to 40″ wide (larger images are possible with different lenses).

The ViewSonic M2 proves that size doesn’t matter with an extensive range of portability options that will easily fit into any situation.

Projector Buyer’s Guide

The projector is an amazing device that has been around for a long time. It can project images from a small screen to a large one. The only question left now is which projector should you buy?

In this buyer’s guide we will review all the things you need to consider before buying a new projector and give you some questions to ask yourself if you are looking at purchasing a new projector.

What type of projector is best for the room you’re going to put it in?

Home Theater

A home theater projector is for someone who wants their movie to be watched in their living room. A home theater projector is best for someone who has a small living room with no windows, or someone who does not want to buy any furniture like chairs, tables, couches.

A home theater projector runs on electricity and is smaller than an auditorium projector. A home theater projector also has no lens at the top of the screen.

The con of a home theater projector is that the room needs to be dark for the projector to work well. If there is light coming in from a window, then the projection will not be that good because the projection cannot compete with the natural light. There may also be a glare on some surfaces like glass or mirrors.

Living Room

The living room projector is best for someone looking to watch movies in their living room, but does not require high-quality projection. It is perfect for people who want to share their love of films with family or friends without ruining the experience by making the room too dark.

Living room projectors are perfect for people who can’t afford to buy furniture like chairs, tables, couches because they only need the projector and a TV set up on either end of the room. The con of this type of projector is that every once in a while there will be a glare on some surfaces like glass or mirrors.

What throw distance do you need on your projector?

A projector’s throw distance is the distance you need to put the projector from the screen in order for it to be able to project at full strength. To calculate how far your projector should be left from the screen, divide the width of your screen by two. For example, if I have a 46-inch screen, then my throw distance would be 23 inches.

You also want to consider how the people will see the movie. If all of your audience members are sitting on one side of the theater, then you want to have them as close to the screen as possible. This will enable them to see everything being projected onto that surface very clearly because they will not be too far away from it (you also do not want someone sitting in the back of your room because there is no projector for them to see).

When you are looking at buying a new home theater, check what type it is. Ask yourself if you want something that needs less furniture or more space between itself and the screen (or TV) in order to function properly.

Also consider how close everyone will be sitting from where the projector will be placed so they can enjoy everything being projected onto that surface without any problems.

What features do I need? What features do I not need?

When looking at getting your first (or next) projector, think of all the features that will be useful for you and which ones are just there to make things more expensive. If having wireless projection is important to you then go ahead and get one with that feature; however, if not knowing how far away your screen is from your projector doesn’t bother you (like me), then look out for projectors with different lens options like long throw lenses.

You should also decide what type of audio you want: do you need it or not? For example, if you are buying a projector for your living room and will be using surround sound speakers (or headphones) to listen to the movie then there is no point in getting an auditorium projector.

Auditorium projectors have loud noise coming out from its body so they can compete with any natural noises that may come into the theater like other people talking or something falling down during the film.

How bright do you need the projector to be?

The brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens. The more the number of ANSI lumens, then the brighter your projected image will be (the higher this number is, the better).

Remember that you need to consider where you are going to use your projector most often. For example, if you plan on using it during daytime hours when there’s plenty of light coming into the room through windows or doors; then don’t get anything too high because it won’t work very well under those conditions.

However, if most people watch movies at night with only one source of light like a lamp turned on next to them then getting something extremely bright would be beneficial so everyone can see what being projected onto that surface clearly.

What kind of screen material do I need? What size screen should it be?

The type of projector you get will determine how to set up your home theater. If you are using an auditorium style, then everything is projected onto a big wall so there’s no way for people sitting in chairs facing away from that surface to see anything (this means that everyone has to sit on one side).

However, if you plan on buying an LCD or DLP projector then this would allow more freedom when designing your living room because every person could watch comfortably while seated where they like and not have any problems seeing what’s being projected onto that surface. If looking at getting either LED or laser projectors; make sure you know which ones will fit your needs best.

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