What type of tumble dryer do you need? What size of a tumble dryer should I buy? How much space will the tumble dryer take up in my home? These are all important questions that potential buyers may want to ask themselves before buying a new laundry appliance.

With so many different models, and types of tumble dryers, the questions you need to ask yourself can be overwhelming and feel endless.

To assist you with your buying decision here’s the 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ. We’ve also included a tumble dryer buyer’s guide so you know what you need to consider before making a decision on a tumble dryer.

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The 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ

Samsung 10kg

Price: $2,999
Type: Heat Pump

The 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ

Discover how to dry your clothing easily and conveniently with Samsung’s 10kg.

This dryer features a spacious capacity which makes it ideal for larger families, but don’t worry, even singles will find this model space-saving.

Fast-drying is only one of its benefits; the innovative Hybrid Heatpump technology provides an energy rating of up to 9 stars!

Automatic sensing ensures clothes won’t be over dried or underdone so laundry owners can spend less time wrangling clothes out of tiny spaces and more time doing whatever they want—now worry-free!

Asko 8kg

Price: $2,099
Type: Condenser

The 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ

The Asko 8kg is one of the most efficient dryers on the market.

You can choose from three drying programs that care for different types of clothes.

The soft drum and air-lift paddles ensure clothes are safely dried, while also consuming less energy than other dryers available today.

Fisher & Paykel 7kg

Price: $1,169
Type: Sensor

The 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ

Automatically sensing the moisture of your laundry, this Fisher & Paykel vented dryer with an impressive 7kg capacity will deal with all those family-sized loads.

Open up the door and you’ll be greeted with a 90° opening so getting those clothes out is as easy as can be!

The humidity sensor will guarantee that you don’t under or over-dry clothing, and the six different cycles will tailor to all of your needs. And if that wasn’t enough – it also conveniently tilts back 180°!

Panasonic 7kg

Price: $950
Type: Vented

The 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ

Panasonic’s Vented Dryer’s sensor drying technology, combined with PTC heating and a cool air Easy Ironing Mode will help you get dry clothes in less time than ever before.

With its 8 minute cycle and 7kg drying capacity for clothing items of any size and type—you no longer need to wait around for appliances to finish the job.

Panasonic’s Vented Dryer features 4 different cycles: Normal, Speed Up, Eco & Delicate. And not only can it free up your space by stacking another one on top due to its wall-mountable design! This model also includes an 8-minute Slow Ironing Easy Mode so you can bypass the process entirely if desired.

Midea 7kg

Price: $849
Type: Heat Pump

The 5 BEST Tumble Dryers NZ

With 16 different programs, it will be hard to find a job Midea can’t do!

Featuring both delicate and automatic settings for all your needs.

Whilst the anti-crease function makes sure you get that perfect crease without any effort at all.

Tumble Dryer Buyer’s Guide

The tumble dryer buyer’s guide is a place for you to learn more about what to look for and consider before buying a tumble dryer. We’ll go over some of the most popular questions that people ask when they’re looking into purchasing this appliance, as well as provide you with some information on the different features that are available in today’s products.

First, let’s go over some basic information about the appliance. Tumble dryers are clothes dryers that are designed to tumble clothes around inside them with a rotating drum so they can be dried in one easy process. Most residential homes have either built-in or stand-alone units available for purchase, and you’ll find models of both types.

What type of tumble dryer is right for you?


A condenser dryer is more efficient and cost-effective than a vented dryer. It is also more common and accessible than a vented one. A major downside to this type of dryer is the noise. Condenser dryers are considerably louder than vented ones, so some people consider this to be a major drawback for those who care about such things as noise levels.


A vented dryer is better for homes that aren’t accessible to a condenser unit. It’s also best if you don’t have the money or desire to purchase an external venting solution. A major drawback of this type of dryer is its lower efficiency, so it’ll cost more in energy costs over time than a comparable model with condensation functionality built-in.

Heat Pump

This is a newer type of dryer that doesn’t actually use heat to evaporate the water in your clothes but instead uses electricity. This unit can be more cost-effective over time than both condenser and vented units.

What size dryer will fit your house?

Freestanding units

Freestanding units tend to be bigger in size and are typically more powerful. They can hold a large number of clothes at one time, which is great if you need to dry multiple items quickly or have plenty of laundry that needs to be done regularly. With this type, the space inside the machine doesn’t allow for much customization in terms of layout since it’s a set design with a rotating drum attached.


Built-in units offer less capacity than freestanding models but they’re smaller and take up less room in your home’s interior design scheme. If you’d like something that looks nice from an aesthetic standpoint while also being functional from an appliance perspective, these can work well for people who don’t mind sacrificing some drying power due to their choices when it comes to design.

This type of machine will have a flatter appearance rather than the cylindrical shape that freestanding units provide, so keep this in mind if you’re really trying to fit your dryer into an already-existing space where available height is limited.

What features does the tumble dryer come with?

There are multiple different things that can be included with these products depending on what brand and model you choose to go with. Some common examples include:

Sensor Technology

This feature uses a probe that detects how wet your clothes are and then adjusts the drying time accordingly. It’s one of the most convenient features you can find because it cuts down on dryer times, which saves energy and money in addition to preventing over-drying.

Temperature Controls

Most standard tumble dryers offer multiple heat settings so users have options when determining what type of drying is right for their clothing items after they’ve been cleaned. You’ll typically see this as either hot or warm/cold signal lights, but some models will even allow for more specific customization like Celsius degrees rather than just Fahrenheit temperatures. Other units might be designed to reach up into higher ranges without locking out certain levels above what you need since there isn’t any kind of automated temperature control.

Cottons Button

Some units are built with a cottons button which makes it easier to dry clothing made from cotton and other materials that need extra time in the dryer without choosing too hot of a setting and potentially shrinking or damaging your laundry items. The addition of this feature can significantly increase efficiency if you make sure not to use it every single time, but rather reserve its usage for certain types of clothes like towels and sheets where heat levels matter more than they do when drying lighter fabrics like jeans and sweatshirts.

A Drying Rack Feature

This will be an option on some models, while others won’t have anything similar at all because it’s less common among manufacturers who sell them today. If you want an appliance that can be used for drying items like delicate fabrics or shoes, then make sure to look out for this kind of feature since it will make the whole process easier and more efficient.

Other Things to Consider

There are other things worth considering when shopping around if you’re trying to find a dryer with extra bells and whistles that might benefit your home. If you need specific kinds of features related to convenience or safety, then definitely pay attention because these machines aren’t all created equal in terms of what they offer versus their price tags.

Capacity: how many pounds does each unit hold? More is better but also costs more so try not to buy too big unless space isn’t really an issue

Lint Filter: is it easy to clean and replace? This is an important feature for keeping your machine working well.

Drum Material: plastic or stainless steel? Stainless steel lasts longer but costs more. Plastic drums are fine in most cases unless you plan on using the dryer daily

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