With so many outdoor dining sets options, finding the right one for you can be hard. There’s different materials, different sizes, different models and different colours to consider and it can all be a bit overwhelming.

To assist you with your buying choice we’ve collated the 6 best outdoor dining sets NZ. We’ve also included an outdoor dining sets buyer’s guide so you know what questions you should ask before making your buying decision!

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The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

Nardi Trill Rio 10-Seater

Price: $3,320
Material: Aluminium
Seats: 10

The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

Born from the creative minds of Italian designers, NARDI’s Trill Rio 10-Seater is the perfect outdoor dining table which makes use of UV & weather resistant material.

The table legs are made with Powder-coated aluminium and designed to resist NZ’s harsh UV conditions while still being lightweight and robust.

The Nardi Trill Rio 10-Seater is the perfect piece for your next big get together.

Look carefully at how its contoured lines give it a rustic feel while still looking elegant in any backyard space – the faux wood pattern marquetry only adds to this!

Quarterdeck Outdoor Dining Table

Price: $3,899
Material: Stainless Steel/Teak
Seats: 6

The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

The Quarterdeck Outdoor Dining Table is a set that will bring sophistication to your outdoor entertaining areas.

It is rigged with modern features such as stainless steel and sharp contrasts of teak wood, while still being durable for the harsh environment outside.

The 6 Berg chairs add an element of sleekness making them perfect for barbecues or just everyday meals out on the veranda.

Havana Outdoor Dining Suite

Price: $3,299
Material: Enviro Wood
Seats: 7-8

The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

The Havana Outdoor Dining Suite will take you straight to the white sand beaches of Cuba, sipping your favourite cocktail, dining al fresco with an ocean view.

The Havana set is constructed from a stylish combo of white & vintage teak Enviro imitation wood, enabling it to stand up to NZ weather conditions.

The smooth Enviro wood tabletop is easy to keep clean, and the seats are complete with plush, water resistant seat cushions in an on-trend Sand Olefin fabric.

With a full corner suite plus a singular dining chair, this set seats around 7-8 comfortably, providing ample room for dining and outdoor relaxation.

Modulo Concrete Outdoor Dining Set

Price: $2,299
Material: Concrete Cast
Seats: 7

The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

The Modulo Concrete Outdoor Dining Set is a clean lined, modern set that will add an instant contemporary vibe to your outdoor entertainment area.

Made from lightweight reinforced concrete, this set has a sleek elegant look that will never go out of style and will look this good for many years to come.

The Modulo range also features a next-gen PU coating that is durable, scratch resistant, colourfast, resistant to UV rays, and waterproof.

Not only is this set a timeless piece of design but the two bench seats provide enough seating for the whole family making it the perfect place to dine all together.

Heritage Rattan Family Dining Suite

Price: $2,899
Material: Aluminium
Seats: 8

The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

Give your family a place where they can enjoy music and time together.

The Family Dining Suite by Heritage Rattan is the ideal combination of classic style and contemporary features to bring your life into harmony.

The thick cushions keep you cosy whilst reading or watching TV with the whole household, whilst also filled with polyethylene to last for years in comfort and durability.

This will be the family gathering space over many summers to come.

Chatswood Extending Outdoor Dining Set

Price: $1,499
Material: Eucalyptus

The 6 BEST Outdoor Dining Sets NZ

The Chatswood has the look of a modern-meets-mid century style dining set with an eye for function.

It can comfortably seat 8, but it also offers enough flexibility to have more guests join the party at your next BBQ – just extend it out by 190cm or even 230cm.

This stylish 8 piece outdoor furniture will look great in any backyard space with its natural oiled finish and modern timeless styling, while keeping you cool during those hot New Zealand summers thanks to being equipped with a handy umbrella hole for sunny days.

The armchairs are equipped with comfy removable cushions that give you that extra ‘at home’ feeling.

Outdoor Dining Set Buyer’s Guide

There are many questions that can arise when looking to purchase an outdoor dining set and without the right information, it may be difficult to find one that suits your needs.

To assist you we’ve created an outdoor dining set buyer’s guide. This will go through the questions you should ask before buying an outdoor dining set, so you make the right buying choice.

How much outdoor space do you have?

It is important to consider how much outdoor space you have when purchasing your outdoor dining set. A key thing to keep in mind is how big the table and chairs are.

But people also forget about legroom. Make sure you consider how much legroom there will be if you have a maximum amount of people around the table.

What style of outdoor dining set do you want?

You should consider the type of outdoor dining sets that are available, so you can choose something to suit your needs. There is a large variety including metal and wood or even glass options. You may also wish to think about whether or not an umbrella will be required in addition to the outdoor dining set.


There are many benefits to having a metal outdoor dining set. These include having an elegant design and they also include protection from the elements.

Metal outdoor dining sets are also easy to clean.

However, they can be more expensive than other options like wood or glass. They can also be less durable than other materials like wood.


The most common type of outdoor dining set is wood. They are durable and less expensive than all other types of outdoor dining sets such as metal or glass.

Wood outdoor dining sets also add warmth to the outside space, which is nice in colder climates. Wood does need to be treated periodically though, to keep it looking good.

They can also require a lot of maintenance if it’s left outside and not stored properly. Damage can occur due to rotting or insects and this will make the table unusable.


A glass outdoor dining set offers a modern look and is easy to clean. Although they do cost more money than the other types of material like steel and wood, they do last much longer than them too.

Glass outdoor dining sets are also quite heavy, so you’ll need to think about the placement of it. If there is a chance that one day they may fall over, then this type of material might not be best for you. Glass can break easily if knocked against something hard.

What type of weather do you get in your area?

Another thing people forget about is how much exposure they need their furniture to endure. Will it be exposed directly to sunlight all day long with little shelter from rain and storms, or will it mostly remain indoors where constant natural light isn’t a concern? Once again this depends on personal preference but keeping these things in mind can help determine which material should be used for the outdoor dining set.

What colours do you like?

The colour of your furniture can also determine what type of material should be used for it, as well as how much exposure to sunlight there will be.

For example if you want a bright colored table which is durable then metal may work best or steel might be an option too.

If however, you prefer something more natural looking and less vibrant but still strong enough to withstand constant exposure outdoors then wood would probably suit your needs better than any other options available on the market today.

How many people will use it?

Some outdoor dining sets come with a variety of chairs around the table, enabling more people to use them. While other options may only have enough seating for two or four people at one time. If you plan on hosting large events where a larger amount of guests will be using your new outdoor dining set then it’s best to consider having one that has enough space and comfort for everyone who wants to join in on the fun!

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