It can be tricky finding a garden shed that has everything you need and suits your circumstances. There’s a lot to consider and there’s so many options it can all be a bit overwhelming.

To assist you with your buying choice we’ve formed a list of the 5 best garden sheds NZ. We’ve also included a garden shed buyer’s guide further down in the article, so you know what questions you need to ask before buying a garden shed.

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The 5 BEST Garden Sheds NZ

Palmako Wooden Shed

Price: $4,799
Material: Wood

The 5 BEST Garden Sheds NZ

Combine the effortless good looks of a traditional wooden shed with plenty of space and quality craftsmanship, and you might be tempted to move in permanently.

Indulge yourself in this traditional apex roof shed from Palmako.

Crafted from renewable high-quality Nordic kiln-dried spruce, this beautiful shed comes with double doors for easy access and has twin plexiglass side windows.

Equally suited as a hideaway for some peace and quiet or a garden shed for all your tools and equipment.

Keter Artisan Shed

Price: $2,990
Material: Resin

The 5 BEST Garden Sheds NZ

With it’s clean, contemporary lines and innovative DUOTECH construction, the Keter Artisan Shed is a durable yet stylish garden shed.

The innovative DUOTECH™ walls provide a gorgeous weathered wooden texture with all the durability of resin.

The walls are also easily paintable so you can match it to your house or get creative with dark earthy tones or bright summer colours.

With a spacious interior, abundant natural light and lockable double doors, this lightweight shed offers heaps of storage & style – so you can take your project out of the garage.

Keter Factor Shed

Price: $2,799
Material: Resin

The 5 BEST Garden Sheds NZ

The Keter Factor Shed is an effective storage solution that gives you lots of room.

The durable, weather resistant resin is reinforced with steel in the walls and it has a great, wood-like texture like none other.

It’s perfect for storing heavy items thanks to its sturdy flooring and two built in shelves.

The large ceiling height provides plenty of space for adults to enter easily; while the window and skylight contribute natural light on any day.

Keter Darwin Shed

Price: $899
Material: Resin

The 5 BEST Garden Sheds NZ

This evolutionary design of the Keter Darwin Shed is perfect for those who want to enjoy all of the benefits and ease of plastic, with a quality wooden look.

The UV stabilised 16mm twin wall material ensures durability that won’t peel or rust.

The Keter Darwin Shed looks great in any space. It’s also super handy for limited-space living and small yards.

There’s a wide front door so you can easily access your stored items, and a spacious interior with plenty of room to store larger items like lawnmowers, prams or garden furniture.

The windows offer excellent ventilation and natural light, which makes the interior feel less cramped at all times.

Trade Tested Garden Shed

Price: $619
Material: Galvanised Steel

The 5 BEST Garden Sheds NZ

This is a practical straightforward garden shed.

It has a simple but attractive design, and can provide reliable storage for lawn mowers, bikes, tools and workbench.

Safely designed to give you peace of mind; it won’t warp or lose shape after assembly and has no corrosion on the metal.

Easy door movement means this shed is easily accessed.

Fill the Trade Tested Garden Shed with your outdoor tools and yard equipment.

Garden Shed Buyer’s Guide

People who are in the market for a garden shed will find it to be an exciting and overwhelming experience. There are many things that you need to consider before making such a big purchase, but we’ve narrowed down the most important ones here. If you’re not sure what kind of garden shed is right for your needs, read on!

What size garden shed do you need?

Size matters when it comes to garden sheds. It gives you a good idea of how much room is available for storage and whether or not a shed will be too cramped for your needs.

Think about the amount of space available in your yard, both wide and deep, before purchasing a garden shed. This will help you avoid finding out post-purchase that the shed is too small for your needs.

The type of garden shed that you choose also plays an important role in how much space is available to store various items. For example, a lean-to with one side against a wall has less depth than an L-shaped design which provides more floor space and may even have additional storage areas on the interior walls. Do keep this in mind as well when shopping around!

What features do you want in your garden shed?

Once you know what size of garden shed suits your yard best, it’s time to think about extra amenities like windows or skylights to provide natural lighting within the structure. Shelving options can be added inside a garden shed to maximize floor space and keep items from being cluttered.

Some people use a garden shed as an office or for hobbies which means that windows may not be necessary, however skylights can provide natural light without sacrificing storage space in the room. In addition, having shelving inside of your garden shed will help you stay organized!

What material do you want your garden shed made out of?

When it comes to choosing between materials like wood or plastic there are pros and cons to each option.

Wood tends to look more attractive aesthetically while also providing insulation against weather conditions throughout the year, whereas plastics tend to hold up well under harsh environments but don’t break down like wood does when exposed to moisture. It really all comes down to your needs and what you expect from a garden shed.

Do you want the option of adding accessories like cabinets or shelving to your garden shed?

If your answer is yes, then wooden garden sheds will be right for you as they can easily accommodate these types of additions. Plastic may not work well with certain designs because it’s simply too brittle and could break if heavy items are added on top or inside of them.

What maintenance will your garden shed need?

Wooden sheds need more upkeep than their plastic counterparts because they can easily warp when exposed to rain and moisture. They also need yearly sanding and re-painting for them to retain a fresh look, whereas plastics do not require this type of care. It’s important that you consider the long term maintenance work required by your chosen material before purchasing a garden shed!

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