Hedge trimmers are a great way to maintain your yard. They cut away all of the overgrown branches, shrubs, and hedges that have grown out of control. But you don’t want just any hedge trimmer – there are many different types available for purchase.

Because of this, it can be hard finding out what hedge trimmer is right for you. To assist with your buying decision we’ve created a list of the 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ!

We’ve also included a hedge trimmer buyer’s guide so you know what question you need to ask before making a final decision.

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The 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ

1. Greenworks G-Max

Price: $329

The 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ

In a nutshell, this is the perfect tool for those who need to make quick cuts with convenience and ease.

With a cordless design, the Greenworks G-Max has been engineered with an upgraded high-performance Lithium-Ion battery system that ensures you take on heavy tasks without the worry of power fade.

The G-Max also has a lightweight design combined with ergonomic handles to create incredible balance and comfort as you’re tackling your never-ending list of to dos.

That’s not all though because innovative features such as dual action laser cut steel blades and Ø20 mm cutting capacity makes this a hedge trimmer that you need in your life.

2. Makita 18V

Price: $316

The 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ

The Makita 18V hedge trimmer is the perfect tool for landscapers who need a powerful, durable, yet lightweight hedge trimmer.

Its cutting performance is enhanced by its low noise level and electric brake that assists in easy blade changes without having to disassemble the unit.

The switch lever can be safely used even when wearing gloves thanks to its textured surface for improved grip.

Tool-less adjustment of the zero clearing cut ensures an accurate cut with no mess left behind on your long hedges or bushes. You’ll love how quickly it mulches branches into dust!

3. Flash Hedge Trimmer

Price: $179

The 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ

The Flash hedge trimmer is a lightweight and powerful tool that will help you maintain your hedges without any trouble.

The manual action string blades give the professional finish of an electric trimmer, but with all the power and control of a cordless design.

With 25cc’s it has enough grunt to get through most hurdles and with 610mm blade length itcan trim some surprisingly tall hedges while still working accurately.

With its adjustable handle, it becomes easy not only for adults but young people too!

4. Mako Hedge Trimmer

Price: $129

The 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ

The Mako Hedge trimmer with 2.0Ah Battery and charger comes equipped for any job – the battery lasts up to 50 minutes of mobile hedge trimming action, so you can tackle almost any outdoor task.

This Mako Hedge Trimmer is just the thing if you’re looking for a quick fix or something tangible that’s easy to wrap your hands around after a long day on the go.

It will cut hedges between 20-230mm wide, and up to 510mm high, meaning this tool has been designed specifically to make life easier even when things get hectic outside. 

5. Kiwi Garden Electric Hedge Trimmer

Price: $69

The 5 BEST Hedge Trimmers NZ

With this Kiwi Garden Electric Hedge Trimmer, you can effortlessly tackle those difficult to reach places and trim your hedges without the fear of straining your back!

Designed with a 16mm cutting diameter and 410mm blade length for greater reduction power and accessibility, the motor has 450 watts of power supplied by to provide clean efficient cuts.

This trimmer also features an ergonomic handle that is designed with a plastic safety handle guard which will be revolutionary in preventing accidental burns from occurring during use.

Hedge Trimmer Buyer’s Guide

You’re in the market for a hedge trimmer, but you don’t know which one to get. You want something that will last for years and do an excellent job at trimming your hedges without any issues. That’s not too much to ask, is it? Of course not! But before you choose a hedge trimmer, you should have some questions ready so that you can compare models based on what is most important to you.

What type of hedge trimmer is right for you?


An electric hedge trimmer is considered to be the best type of trimmer for those who are looking for a short-term investment. The reasons being that they are cheaper than other types of hedge trimmers and generally can handle many different situations, which might include heavier duty jobs.

Electric hedge trimmers are not only easy to use, but they’re also very convenient. However, you should think about whether or not an electric machine will work outside in wet conditions before you buy one since it needs electricity to work.


If you want a hedge that is trimmed with precision and efficiency, then you should look into owning a gas-powered hedge trimmer. You can adjust the tension and blade speed.

The blades on gas-powered hedge trimmers are usually made of steel and don’t wear out as quickly as their electric counterparts.

But keep in mind that these machines are noisy and messy since the oil lubricant must be applied to the chainsaw bar periodically throughout use.

How powerful is the hedge trimmer?

Power is measured in amps, volts and watts. If you want to be able to cut through thick branches or brush with your hedge trimmer easily, then you need a machine that has at least .75 horsepower (hp).

A corded electric-powered machine will give you the most power out of any other type of machine since it’s connected directly into an outlet.

If you don’t mind spending more money on gasoline for gas-powered machines or dealing with cords that can get tangled up around trees while using electrical machines, then consider buying one that offers greater than 40cc engine sizes because they are powerful enough to handle tough jobs like cutting large hedges down in size quickly instead of having them remain unkempt over time.

How long is the hedge trimmer blade?

The blade length is important to consider because the longer it is, the more easily you can cut through larger hedges.

However, with that being said, if your hedge trimmer has a very long blade then you need to be careful not to bump into things or else you might get injured.

Blade lengths range from 18 inches all the way up to 32 inches in some cases. Obviously, an 18-inch blade would only work for smaller shrubbery while something like a 36-inch blade may prove too cumbersome and heavy for most users unless they are using it professionally for several hours per day on tough jobs involving large plants and bushes.

Are the hedge trimmer blades single or double sided?

Single-sided hedge trimmer blades are great for easy maintenance and cutting through hedges with precision. However, it’s important to be careful when using single-sided blades because they can easily get nicked or damaged if you’re not careful during use.

Double-sided blade models don’t come in as many varieties, but they cut twice the amount of area that a single-bladed model does since there is another sharp edge on the opposite side of where your hands will hold onto them.

Double-sided machines also tend to stay sharper longer than their counterparts which means less time having to sharpen them before use (which ultimately saves money).

Which type of handle should I choose?

There are two types main types of handles – straight and curved. Both types of handles have their own advantages and disadvantages, but most users prefer a straight handle because it’s easier to maneuver the hedge trimmer around objects with them since you can go in a straighter line without having to worry about bumping into anything that might get damaged or knocked over from your movements.

It is important for potential buyers who want a machine that cuts through large hedges quickly while being able to see where they are cutting should choose one with an offset shaft design so there will be less vibration when using them which makes it more comfortable overall.

How heavy is the hedge trimmer?

It’s important to consider the weight of a hedge trimmer before buying one because if it is too heavy, then you won’t be able to use them for very long and they will become uncomfortable after only a few minutes.

That being said, machines that feature lightweight designs tend to cut through hedges just as well as heavier models do (if not better) which makes them worth considering when looking at different types.

Generally speaking, gas-powered units are always going to weigh more than their electric counterparts due to larger engine sizes and longer blades on some cases.

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