A food processor is a kitchen appliance that many people find indispensable. There are many different models on the market, which can make it difficult to choose one.

This article will help you weed out all of the bad ones and buy a great food processor for your home.

To assist you with your buying decision here’s the 5 BEST Food Processors NZ. We’ve also included a food processor buyer’s guide so you know what to look for when buying a food processor.

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The 5 BEST Food Processors NZ

Sunbeam Cafe Series Food Processor

Price: $677

The 5 BEST Food Processors NZ

The Cafe Series Food Processor is a powerful and versatile machine for the permanent installation of any kitchen with 2L bowl capacity to process large volumes, including vegetables, fruits, breads, cookies.

With two speed settings for processing – Start/Stop and pulse-, this Sunbeam food processor has six different slicing modes that will cut through the toughest ingredients like butter or rock-hard vegetables in seconds.

The chute also accommodates blocks of cheese without cutting them up first!

KitchenAid: 13 Cup Food Processor

Price: $599

The 5 BEST Food Processors NZ

The KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor changes your cooking experience by making it easier than ever!

Easily slice ingredients, find your perfect cut, and instantly feel the difference with this food processor. 

With its cutting blade system that lets you choose thin or thick cuts at any speed, this 13 cup food processor ensures that no spice goes unturned.

Plus it’s uber easy to operate- with one click on the control pad you can select from one of the ten different speeds and three pre-programmed settings.

Kenwood Multipro Classic

Price: $469

The 5 BEST Food Processors NZ

The Kenwood Multipro Classic is the perfect tool for making quick, easy, and satisfying meals.

The variable speed setting offers eight options with a range of combinations so you can find your favourite blendings without compromising on durability, ease of use or performance.

With variable speeds and pulse function, this electrical blender has the power to tackle anything from pulverizing ice cubes to whipping up soup in seconds!

Fully equipped with a 3L capacity bowl that doubles as both a serving bowl and storage container the Kenwood Multipro Classic will take care of all your kitchen needs whilst keeping everything neat, organised, and tidy every time.

Sunbeam: Multi Processor

Price: $349

The 5 BEST Food Processors NZ

Made to help you chop, grate, and blend in minutes. With a wider chute that reduces the need for pre-chopping plus a 1.5L glass blender, this Multi Processor has all the power and functionality needed to make delicious everyday recipes.

Key features include up to 14 different tasks from whipping, churning, or chopping with speeds of 2 plus pulse button control.

The ergonomic design is both comfortable for your while blending or processing with an easy-to-push start/stop button conveniently located on the front of the appliance.

The versatile product comes with three different blades so you can switch depending on needs—for coarse chopping or grinding hard substances like dry legumes; medium blade for vegetables such as carrots.

Ninja Professional Food Processor

Price: $249

The 5 BEST Food Processors NZ

A multi-blade, easy-to-clean food prep system will simplify your meal preparation. Choose the perfect precision blade for every dish with auto-iQ intelligent presets that let you chop veggies or shred cheese at the push of a button. Don’t forget to rinse after use, too!

This high-powered processor is standalone and can do just about everything in your kitchen so it’s less cluttered because there are no other appliances needed.

You’ll have tons of counter space left because there are no stand mixers on it either!

Food Processor Buyer’s Guide

Food processors are a great tool for any kitchen. They can be used to make everything from pesto, to hummus, to ice cream! But how do you know which food processor is right for your needs?

This buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect one by answering questions on what potential buyers should consider before buying a food processor and also providing some helpful tips on where to buy them.

What size is the food processor?

This is a question that potential buyers should ask before buying a food processor. If you are going to be making large batches of pesto, hummus or other spreads then make sure the bowl can hold enough.

Is this an extra-large capacity food processor?

Again, this is another important thing for people to consider when purchasing a new food processor.

It’s not unusual for manufactures these days to provide multiple size options in one unit so if you don’t want too big of a machine but could use more space opt for mid-sized containers and bowls instead.

Also keep in mind there may also be “food pusher tools” available with your purchase which allow you push foods down into the cutting blades while they’re running during operation – this makes it easier to process thicker items.

What type of cooking tasks do you want the food processor to help with?

This is another thing that people should consider before buying a food processor.

Is the one you are looking at able to handle some of your tougher tasks like shredding large quantities of cheese or making bread dough?

If not, then it might be time for an upgrade!  

Consider what you’ll be suing the food processor for and make sure the one you decide on is capable of that task.

What kind of blades does the food processor include?

You will want to make sure there are multiple blade options included with your purchase; otherwise, you won’t have much versatility in what you can chop up and process.

Some machines may only come with standard chopping blades while others could also feature slicing discs which allow users to quickly slice tomatoes into thin even slices for salads or sandwiches – really nice features if they’re available on the model you choose. Make sure to buy one with the blade options you think you will need.

Does the food processor have a feeding mechanism?

A feeding mechanism allows food to be pushed into the blades while they’re running – you’ll want one of these if you plan on processing anything with a large diameter.

It’s not common for mid-sized units so make sure this is something that you can live without before deciding against a particular model.

Is the food processor dishwasher safe?

If possible, look for a unit that is completely or at least partly dishwasher safe because clean-up will become much easier.   

Some people find it difficult to fit their food processor in with other dishes and utensils in the sink when doing hand-washed cleaning but there are many models out there that have removable parts easily reached from above by lifting off the upper lid assembly making them easy to clean up.

What is the food processor’s motor strength?

A lot of people might think this isn’t an important factor but it can be.

If you’re going to be processing a large amount of food, using the unit constantly, or making dough then look for one with a strong motor – they will have more power and last longer than weaker motors that may not run as efficiently over time.  

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