You’re considering buying a patio cover. You’ve done your research and now you want to find the perfect one for your home. Maybe you need it for protection from sun, rain or other outdoor elements. It could be that you just want to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family more often.

Finding the right patio cover can be overwhelming as there’s so many factors and specifications to consider. That’s where we come in. To assist you with your buying choice we’ve formed a list of the 4 BEST Patio Covers NZ!

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide so you can see what you should consider and what questions you should ask before make a decision on a patio cover!

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The 4 BEST Patio Covers NZ!

1Trade Tested Louvre Roof System

Price: $5,999
Key specs: Dimensions: 6x4m | Material: Aluminium


  • High quality materials
  • Beautiful modern look
  • Easy to put together


  • Expensive

This eye-catching architectural louvre roof enhances your home and becomes a focal point you’ll enjoy for years to come.

It offers both form and function, embodying sleek elegance with versatility and a modern look.

The instructions were easy to follow, but make sure you put aside quite a bit of time to build this thing. It took us the better part of half a day to make, however, that was to be expected as its a big patio cover.

We found the light weight aluminium was well engineered. Every piece and part fit nicely. This made installation a breeze

This patio cover will withstand the elements and any homeowner looking for a modern, sleek look will love the Louvre Roof System.

With sweeping design aesthetics and built-in gutters to handle leakages, this is a system that will provide peace of mind and style.

Buy now for $5,999 from

2Ironsand Wall Mounted Patio Cover

Price: $3,399
Key specs: Dimensions: W 6.05m x D 3.0m x H 2.85m | Material: Aluminium


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • Easy to cut to preferred height and size


  • Not much wiggle room when putting parts together

The Ironsand wall mounted patio cover was very effective and protecting our outdoor area.

The powder coated aluminium material is eco-friendly, weatherproof, rust resistant, plus we found the sleek and stylish design works with almost any outdoor decor.

The stylish Ironsand finish fits well with most outdoor areas and will definitely have folks peeking over from neighboring houses every time they see one.

While it wasn’t tremendously difficult to construct, we did find that pieces have to fit exactly. This meant there wasn’t much wiggle room when building the patio cover. Other than that though, its effective, looks great and will add a lot to your home.

Buy now for $3,399 from

3Ironsand Freestanding Patio Cover

Price: $2,499
Key Specs: Dimensions: W 3.05m x D 3.0m x H 2.85m | Material: Aluminium


  • Freestanding design
  • Beautiful modern look
  • Easy to put together


  • Need a large area for it to work as its freestanding

The clean lines of this new-age patio cover offers plenty of living space without the need for structural work that would be needed with a traditional patio roof.

The 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels are UV stabilised to prevent yellowing and the twin-wall construction gives superior temperature control, keeping things cool in the summer by blocking UV rays, while still allowing plenty of light through.

Made from high strength ABS, each freestanding pole is easily assembled while lifting hooks at each corner keep it steady when windy or overcast.

Offering everything you love about patios but even less installation hassle, you can effortlessly transition your pad into an entertaining zone whenever you please with the Ironsand Freestanding Patio Cover.

We loved the freestanding design as it gave us significantly more options for areas to install this nice looking patio cover.

Buy now for $2,499 from

4Deal Mart Patio Cover

Price: $1,399
Key Specs: Dimensions: 497 x 305 x 240/285cm (L x W x H) | Material: Powder-coated aluminum


  • Affordable
  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy materials


  • Takes two people to setup

With Deal Mart’s Patio Cover, you can enjoy your backyard year-round, rain or shine!

We found this was an affordable patio cover while maintaining a high-quality.

This patio cover is made of powder-coated aluminum frames with reinforced brackets, and comes with UV twin-wall polycarbonate panels to keep you shaded and protected.

It also has adjustable roof mounting height and 4-way adjustable post positions to ensure a perfect fit.

Plus, it’s weatherproof and corrosion resistant for lasting use.

We found it super easy to install and it looked great on the side of our house shading our outdoor eating area.

Buy now for $1,3999 from Deal Mart (via

Patio Cover Buyer’s Guide

What is a patio cover? A patio cover is an outdoor roof. It protects the area under it from rain and other bad weather conditions. These covers can be installed on top of existing patios, decks, or porches to give them additional protection and beauty. Patio covers are usually made out of wood but they can also be made out of vinyl or aluminum as well. This buyer’s guide will explain what you should consider before buying a patio cover and what questions should be asked before purchasing one.

What material do you want your patio cover to be made out of?


Wooden patio covers are very sturdy and can last for years, they are also easy to maintain. Wooden patio covers will need to be painted or sealed periodically in order to protect the wood against water damage.

Wood is better at resisting weather damage than most other materials and wood will release heat during the winter months.

Wood needs to be sealed with an oil or paint periodically in order to protect it from moisture-caused rot.


Vinyl patio covers are very durable and long-lasting. Vinyl patio covers do not need to be sealed with an oil or paint. However, they do need to be cleaned periodically with a vinyl cleaner.

Vinyl patio covers are more affordable than wooden ones but vinyl is more difficult to maintain than wood because if it gets wet, it may sag or peel.

Vinyl is less attractive than wood and usually out of date by today’s standards. It is also more difficult to install a post for a vinyl patio cover as opposed to a wooden one.


A lot of people prefer aluminum patio covers because they are lightweight and easy to install. Aluminum patio covers do not need to be painted or oiled but occasionally cleaning with an aluminum cleaner is necessary.

Aluminum patio covers are more expensive than the other materials available on the market today, however, over time it will save you money since it does not need maintenance like wooden ones do. The main drawback of metal roofs is that they tend to conduct heat rather than reflect it away from its surface as vinyl or wood can. They also have a tendency to develop leaks if there are any punctures in them.

How much space do you need the patio cover to shade?

If you are planning on buying a patio cover for your deck, porch or other open area it is important to measure the space before purchasing one. Patio covers come in different sizes so make sure that you purchase one that will shade your outdoor space completely during all seasons of the year.

What do you plan to use the patio cover for?

There are many reasons why people decide to install a patio roof over their outdoor spaces these days: they can be used as an additional living room; they can protect against harsh weather conditions such as heat and cold; they provide extra privacy, etcetera. Depending on how often you plan on using the roof determines which material will best work for your needs because some materials require more maintenance than others.

Are you planning on installing the patio cover yourself or do you plan to hire a professional?

If this is something that you are going to attempt to install yourself, it’s important for potential buyers to know what material will work best. For example, wooden patios can be installed easily but if any of the wood panels get damaged, then they need to be replaced by someone who knows how and has experience in doing so correctly.

However other materials such as aluminum may require more experienced professionals since damages done during installation must also be fixed by them because there is no way for homeowners themselves to repair these types of roofs once they have been set up without proper tools and knowledge about roofing. If damage occurs within five years after installation than an insurance claim is usually filed and the company pays for repairs.

Do you plan on using your patio cover during winter months?

Some of the materials used to make patios such as aluminum, vinyl or wood do not hold up well when it comes to protecting people from harsh weather conditions like snow and ice.

It’s important that potential buyers consider this factor before making a final decision about which material they want their new roof made out of because there are some covers available today with insulation added into them; therefore these types of roofs will provide more protection against cold weather than others without any insulation inside them whatsoever.

Is it necessary for you to have access underneath your patio cover?

Patio roofs will either be installed over decks or porches which means that there is plenty of room so they can completely open up without any problems. However, if the space where you plan on installing the roof is very small with limited amount of clearance beneath it’s important for potential buyers to consider this factor before making a final decision about what type of material they want their new patio covered with because some materials are better suited in certain cases than others when dealing with restricted spaces under them.

Do you need additional features with your patio cover such as waterproofing?

There are many different types of patios available today and each one has its own unique benefits depending on what people intend to use it for . There are some patio covers which come with added features such as waterproofing, insulation and UV protection.

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