Many people don’t know what to look for when buying a hair clipper. It can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive, cordless, or durable, this article will help guide you in finding the perfect hair clipper!

It can be hard finding a hair clipper that does everything you need it to do. To help with this issue, we’ve created a list of the 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ!

We’ve also included a hair clipper buyer’s guide so you know exactly what you need to before making your buying decision.

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The 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ

1. Andis Master Cordless

Price: $500

The 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ

The Andis Master Cordless hair clipper is perfect for any haircut!

The Ulta-wide blade guarantees zero cut-outs and the ergonomic design makes sure you stay comfortable even during a long cutting session.

With 5 metal clip attachment combs, your hairstyle will be customized to perfection fast and easy!

No cord to get in the way of your work, enjoy the freedom with this cordless clipper at hand.

The Andis Clipper also has a powerful battery that lasts as much as 2 hours or more on one single charge for those never-ending sessions behind the chair!

2. BaBylissPRO

Price: $415

The 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ

Quick, powerful, and capable of cutting through even the thickest hair textures with ease, this clipper is a must-have tool for every man’s grooming kit.

Simply powered by the included lithium-ion battery or any standard AC power adapter, it is lightweight and ergonomic in size making it ideal for travel use.

With a Ferrari designed motor, you’ll be able to style from cleanly close shaves to long locks with impressive speed when using the BaBylissPRO

3. Panasonic ER-GP21

Price: $195

The 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ

The Panasonic ER-GP21 hair clipper is a slim, lightweight stylist’s best friend.

Its ergonomic handgrip makes it easy to trim facial hair with precision and style, while its durable design ensures a long-lasting salon-looking finish without fear of electric breakage or dropping the delicate blade.

The ER-GP21 also features an ultra-sharp hypoallergenic blade for an expertly trimmed look every time.

The blades are safe from moisture and skin contact for added protection, making this high-performance clipper ideal for professional use in barbershops, beauty salons, and high profile salons.

4. VS Sassoon

Price: $160

The 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ

Introducing the first cordless clipper by VS Sassoon with a powerful Lithium-Ion battery and Japanese Steel blade.

Get salon-quality results at home for 160 minutes, charged in 3 hours!

Change speeds from 45mm to 38mm teeth (20% faster) and guide size 1-8 (3-6mm – 9.5mm – 13 mm – 16 mm – 19 mm – 22 mm).

The VS Sassoon hair clipper will leave your hair looking sleek, even cut all over without skipping an inch of it.

The digital display screen will show you how long the battery has left.

5. Silver Bullet Easy Glider

Price: $130

The 5 BEST Hair Clippers NZ

The Silver Bullet Easy Glider is a heavy duty clipper that has been crafted to be exquisite and perfect for any barber or stylist.

It features self-sharpening solid stainless steel blades, adjustable left and right taper, and an easy-to-hold ergonomic design.

The motor of this professional hair cutter is strong with a magnetic pull for optimum precision.

You will feel confident in having finished quality workmanship with the new powerful professional salon quality of the Silver Bullet Easy Glider.

Hair Clipper Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to buy a hair clipper? If so, then there are many things that you should take into consideration before making your purchase.

There are certain questions that potential buyers should ask themselves prior to buying a hair clipper.

The following buyer’s guide will provide you with information on what these considerations and questions are. This way, when it comes time for you to go out and buy a hair clipper, it will be easier for you to decide which one is the perfect fit for your needs!

Do you want a corded or cordless hair clipper?

This is the first question to consider, as it will have a large effect on which hair clipper you ultimately choose.

A corded hair clipper can be plugged into an electrical outlet and remain constantly attached until the user unplugs it themselves or turns off the switch at their base of operation.

This allows for more power due to being constantly plugged in, but limits movement since users must be tethered by an electric cord and cannot move very far from where they are located without having extension cords hooked up beforehand.

Cordless hair clippers offer much-needed freedom to buyers who do not want to always feel constrained by one particular area; however, this type does run out of battery life eventually if used too often (and usually takes a long time to charge up).

Cordless hair clippers are more prevalent in today’s market than corded ones, due to the amount of freedom they offer their users.

Does the hair clipper come with accessories?

If so, what are they?

Accessories can include combs (for length and/or style), cleaning supplies such as brushes or oils that help maintain the hair clipper’s stability and prevent rust.

There is also a wide range of other accessories to choose from; for example, some come with their own carrying case while others may not have any at all. It depends on the brand and product itself!

The more expensive brands will typically offer better accessory packages than cheaper ones—just something to keep in mind when deciding which one you want to buy! However, even if it does not come with additional items included right away, many companies sell these add-ons

Does the hair clipper come with good blades?

The blades that come with the product will ultimately determine how well it cuts and trims.

High-quality hair clippers usually have self-sharpening blades (which do not need to be manually sharpened), while cheaper ones may require manual sharpening on a regular basis in order for them to continue working effectively.

Some even use disposable blades which will need replacement after each use! If you want something more sustainable, make sure your choice comes with good quality steel/ceramic/diamond coating so they remain strong for longer periods of time without needing additional upkeep or maintenance.

What is the hair clippers motor speed and strength?

Hair clippers with a bigger motor will be able to cut thicker or longer hair—and as such, may require more power/energy.

However, if you have thinning hairs that are not very long at all and do not need something powerful for extreme haircuts often, then it might be beneficial to go with one of the smaller options! The stronger ones can also become less accurate because they vibrate faster when in use; this is why some people choose a weaker product so their cuts will turn out even despite being much slower.

Is the hair clipper easy to maintain?

This is an important question to ask since it will help you figure out how often you will need to clean the hair clipper, oil it up for better performance, and what kind of upkeep or maintenance your product needs.

Some products may be easier than others when it comes to maintaining them—and if this is a concern you have with buying a certain type of hair clipper, make sure that its features reflect this well in order to ease any potential problems! Be sure not to overlook this factor either; otherwise, your initial investment could become more costly down the line due to needing regular replacements after improper care/cleaning from neglecting these tasks.

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