Buying the right retractable awning for your home can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of options out there all with different features and specifications, it can all get a bit overbearing.

But, don’t worry we’re here to help. To make sure you make the right buying choice, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best retractable awnings NZ!

We’ve also included a retractable awning buyer’s guide so you know what questions to ask yourself before deciding which retractable awning is right for you!

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The 5 BEST Retractable Awnings NZ

Retractable Awning 4 x 2

Price: $549
Size: 4m x 2m

The 5 BEST Retractable Awnings NZ

This sturdy Retractable Awning is the perfect way to make your outside areas comfortable.

Built like an army tank, this heavy-duty folding shade protects you from sun damage and provides evening coolness with its corrosion-resistant frame and UV blocking fabric.

It’s easy to operate; all you need to do is crank it up and you’ll have a decent amount of shade. It’s also incredibly easy to install.

Retractable Awning 3 x 2

Price: $449
Size: 3m x 2m

The 5 BEST Retractable Awnings NZ

Similar to the Retractable Awning 4 x 2 the 3 x 2 is perfect for quick outdoor excursions, this retractable unit provides you with coverage any time you need it.

With easy to follow instructions and pre-installation brackets, installation is a breeze. For installation over solid brick or mortar, simply use the heavy duty hangers that are included.

The Retractable Awning 3 x 2 offers ultimate protection for any living space. It’s the ideal solution to respite from the relentless sun, featuring an elegant design with durable materials.

Luxury Retractable Folding Arm Awning

Price: $310
Size: 3.6m x 2.5m

The 5 BEST Retractable Awnings NZ

This retractable awning is great for shading windows and doors.

It comes with all of the necessary components, and installation is simple.

It’s also simple to use. The steel crank handle on this awning is smooth and makes it easy to deploy and store when needed.

Everything you’ll need is included in the package to set up this beautiful looking retractable awning.

TSB Living Retractable Awning

Price: $272
Size: 3m x 2.5m

The 5 BEST Retractable Awnings NZ

The TSB Living Retractable Awning is perfect for opening up your outdoor living space to the great outdoors while still protecting against sun and rain.

Made with a strong aluminum frame, and a white colour powder coat it’s suitable for any environment or patio décor.

The UV-resistant polyester covering can block out sun rays, allowing you to enjoy your peaceful getaway without worry of sunburn or overheating.

The high quality fabric easily repels water so its ideal if Mother Nature decides to stop by with her “floods” instead of just sprinkling us every now and then.

Plus, best of all is how easy this product is to assemble.

Toughout Retractable Awning

Price: $283
Size: 3m x 2.5m

The 5 BEST Retractable Awnings NZ

The Toughout Retractable Awning will help you to shield not only against sun but rain too.

Made with an aluminium body with flexible aluminium folding arms for easy use and 100% waterproofed polyester fabric that blocks 95% UVA/UVB rays while also being UV proof, this retracatable awning is great for all weather.

The steel manual crank for adjustments is all you need! Ideal for decks, balconies, small areas coverage and even business use.

Retractable Awning Buyer’s Guide

A retractable awning is a great way to protect your home or business from the elements. Whether it’s rain, snow, or wind that you want to keep out of certain areas of your property, there are many benefits to installing one.

We’ll walk you through how to choose an appropriate retractable awning and what features it should have so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

What material is the retractable awning made out of?

There are a couple different types of materials that retractable awnings can be made from.

A popular choice in the construction of retractable awnings is stainless steel. A stainless steel retractable awning is going to be very durable and have excellent corrosion resistance. On the other hand, they’re often more expensive than aluminum or vinyl models and they’re not as aesthetically pleasing.

Vinyl is another common choice in retractable awnings, but it’s also not always the most popular choice. Vinyl retractable awnings are typically cheaper than stainless steel models, but they won’t last as long and they have poor corrosion resistance.

Aluminum is another material that you might find in a retractable awning. It’s typically a more expensive material, but it has excellent corrosion resistance and will last for decades.

What color retractable awning should I choose?

There are many different colors that you can get in your retractable awning. Typically the more popular choices include black, browns/tans, whites/grays, reds/oranges, blues/greens, and purples.

If you’re looking to match your home or business then these are the best colors to go with since they’ll blend into their surroundings quite well. On the other hand if you want something very noticeable (like on an advertisement board) then using bright colors like yellow or pink is recommended as it’ll stand out better than darker shades against a bright background.

What type of awning retractor should I choose?

There are many different types of retractable awnings, and each one has its own unique set of benefits. The main ones we’ll look at include: manual crank , electric motor (also known as remote or push-button), and continuous/semi-continuous tracks .

Manual cranks require you to manually put your retractable awning up and down by hand which can take some time if it’s large; however they’re typically the cheapest option available since no electricity is required for them to work.

Electric motors operate via an attached power supply like batteries or an outlet that will automatically roll up and down your retractable awning for you. While they’ll use up some electricity, an electric motor is typically the best choice if you want your retractable awning to be easily accessible since it’s just as easy as pushing a button on a remote control.

Continuous tracks are similar to manual crank models but have multiple operation points built into them so that they can move in increments rather than all at once which makes opening or closing your retractable awning more precise and easier. On the other hand, semi-continuous tracks operate like continuous ones except they only go half of the way before stopping with another set point further down where it will stop again creating even less precision when using one.

What size retractable awning should you choose?

The size of your retractable awning is going to depend on the area you want it to cover. The most popular sizes are around 20-30 square feet, 30-40 square feet, and 40+ square feet .

When choosing what size retractable awning that’s right for you there are three main criteria that should be considered: how much sun exposure do you get; where will the retractable awning go (how big an area does it need to protect); and how high up is the surface in question located (to determine clearance height).

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