Car phone holders are a great way to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. But how do you know which one is right for you? This question can be difficult to answer.

To help you with your buying decision we’ve made a list of the 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ! We’ve also included a buyer’s guide so you know what to think about when looking to buy a car phone holder.

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The 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ

1. Wireless Car Charger – Air Outlet Bracket

Price: $79

The 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ

Keep your phone juiced up on the go with this handy USB wireless charger.

Simply plug it into any 12V power outlet in your car and position it so that your device is within range to charge wirelessly!

With compatibility for 5W, 7.5W, 10W, or 15W total charging speeds this charger makes sure you stay connected at all times.

One-handed operation and one-click mounting make it easy to secure your device.

2. Baseus Light Electric Holder

Price: $69

The 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ

The Light Electric Holder is a great car phone holder with its one-hand release and lock mechanism to put your phone in quickly, as well as an automatic release when you touch right button.

Compatible with any Qi-enabled device, this light electric holder also comes equipped for fast wireless charging up to 15 watts.

You can place it on your car’s dashboard or windshield, it’s customisable and will fit your specific needs.

3. Wireless Charger Phone Holder

Price: $59

The 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ

Use this cute little car phone holder to hold and charge your phone seamlessly while you drive.

With an adjustable viewing angle, you can set the viewing adjustment to be horizontal or vertical-whatever works best for you!

The sphere joint design is ergonomic and allows for a 360 degree rotation of the display screen.

On top of that, three different contact points allow you to place and remove your device at any angle on the stand with ease!

4. Popsockets: Popmount

Price: $45

The 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ

The Popmount is the ultimate accessory for your PopGrip experience.

With this product, you can mount your device to all types of surfaces while using it with ease!

Slide your phone into the profile slot and attach it to any flat surface, including but not limited to windows, desks, cars, and more.

The flexible arm allows for 180° range motion so that you have various ways to use your phone.

This mount also features an adhesive locking lever that secures the mount in place on textured surfaces while still being easy to remove when necessary.

5. Sansai: Hands-Free

Price: $34

The 5 BEST Car Phone Holders NZ

The Sansai: Hands-Free, has an adjustable arm to create a soft yet sturdy cradle for your device!

This incredible car mount gives you 360° rotation and with easy one hand operation you can use it without worrying about your device falling off or getting scratched.

The stand is made out of soft rubber padding to protect devices from unscrewing or breaking over time.

Car Phone Holder Buyer’s Guide

If you’re in the market for a car phone holder, then this buyer’s guide is for you. We’ll discuss some of the factors that potential buyers should consider before buying one and also offer some recommendations on what to look out for when shopping around.

What type of car phone holder suits you?

Windshield mount

Windshield mounts are the most commonly found type of car phone holders on the market today. They typically attach to a windshield with adhesive and have an adjustable arm that holds your smartphone securely in place.

Dashboard mount

A dashboard mount is another common choice for those looking for a car phone holder. These types of holders also use either a suction cup or hook. They use looped attachments, which are usually placed onto the lower part of your dashboard, to position your phone in front of you.

Air vent clip

If none of these two options work well for you, then perhaps one such as this air vent model would be more suitable. It doesn’t use a suction cup or hook, but instead uses clips that attach to the air vents of your car’s dashboard.

This allows you to position your smartphone in such as way so it is easily visible and conveniently accessible while driving.

Will your phone fit in the car phone holder?

Before buying a car phone holder, you’ll need to consider whether your smartphone will fit in it. If it doesn’t, then you should probably look at another model.

In terms of width and length, most smartphones are compatible with all types of holders so this shouldn’t be an issue. But the depth is always something you should keep in mind when shopping for one as some models can only accommodate thicker or bulkier phones than others.

Does the car phone holder have adjustable arms?

Another feature that potential buyers might want to take into consideration before making their purchase is how much adjustability they want from their new car phone holders.

Some mounts come with extendable arms while others allow users to rotate their devices 360 degrees on both horizontal and vertical axes. While this may not seem like much, it can make all the difference when using certain types of holders.

Does the car phone holder charge your device?

This is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a car phone holder. There are some models that come with built-in charging capabilities, while others offer cables that provide power from your lighter port or USB ports in order to charge your smartphone on the go.

How easy it is for you to use?

A good car phone holder should be extremely user-friendly and convenient as well. It’s best if it can easily fit into different kinds of cars without much hassle involved.

The last thing you want is having an awkward-looking mount cluttering up your windshield or dashboard! It should also be able to securely hold your phone in place and not cause any damage.

Is the car phone holder easy for you to install?

Some car holders can be quite difficult or time-consuming when setting up, so always check the installation process before buying one.

It’s best if you’re given a step-by-step guide on how to do this. If there aren’t instructions included with your purchase, make sure that its design is simple enough to understand without them!

Is the car phone holder safe to use?

It goes without saying that a good quality car phone holder will provide safe usage at all times while operating a vehicle.

Make sure that no matter what model you end up choosing, it’ll keep your smartphone secure from slipping out of place.

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