A headlamp is a type of light that attaches to your forehead and provides you with hands-free lighting. It allows for people to see in the dark without having to hold anything, which can be difficult when carrying something else.

Finding the right headlamp for you can be difficult, there’s a lot more to consider than you’d first expect. To assist you with this dilemma we’ve created a list of the 5 BEST Headlamps NZ!

We’ve also included a headlamp buyer’s guide so you know what you should look for before making your headlamp buying decision.

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The 5 BEST Headlamps NZ

1. Fenix HP30R

Price: $279

The 5 BEST Headlamps NZ

Fenix’s HP30R is a reliable and powerful headlamp, giving you the maximum brightness of 1000 lumens using Cree XM-L2 and XP-G2 R5 LED’s.

Powered by two 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries or two CR123A batteries, the HP30R can also be powered from any USB power source to allow convenient use in a variety of situations.

This super bright headlamp comes with 9 modes including SOS for all your outdoor adventures!

An integrated belt-mounted battery box allows an easy way to carry extra batteries on hand if necessary while the IPX 66 water-resistant construction protects this practical tool from almost any obstacle.

2. Biolite Headlamp

Price: $229

The 5 BEST Headlamps NZ

The Biolite Headlamp is the perfect choice when you need a powerful lamp no matter where adventure takes you.

Equipped with Constant Mode, Run Forever Pass-Thru Charging, and 8 different light modes that let you see and be seen more easily on your next adventure; this pro-line model puts you in complete control of your illumination needs.

When it comes to comfort and design, the Biolite Headlamp delivers: Featuring BioLite’s proprietary 3D SlimFit construction, the headlamps fit comfortably while providing maximum functionality.

The headband gives way slightly with prolonged use or rigorous activity for sinkable adjustability without impeding performance during physical tasks such as hiking or climbing.

3. Maxstar Headlamp

Price: $195

The 5 BEST Headlamps NZ

In the dark, there’s nothing more reassuring than a strong light.

The Maxstar headlamp has 1200-lumen light power which will give you a full view of all your surroundings.

The rotation magnetic switch assures easy operation with gloves or one hand and mounts on any size of standard bicycle helmet as well.

It operates quickly by switching modes clockwise or anticlockwise for an intuitive interface that matches your needs in no time!

Whether you’re off to be self-sufficient out in nature or just need something for emergencies, this is the perfect tool.

4. Coast Pure Beam Headlamp

Price: $156

The 5 BEST Headlamps NZ

Coast’s new, innovative headlamp is the ultimate in versatility.

With the widest range of brightness and runtimes, this multifunctional headlamp has just what you need.

Whether it’s your next big adventure – whether that be on the mountainside or tucked away in your closet while reading at night – Coast is here to help prepare you with safety first gear.

Quickly shift between ultra-wide flood to long-reaching spot with transition halo for wide viewing even when in spotlight mode- not possible without Coast Pure Beam Focusing System with twist focus!

Be adaptable no matter the situation by toggling through high output, medium output, and low outputs easily controlled via light control dial on side of the front.

5. Nextorch MYSTAR H/L

Price: $160

The 5 BEST Headlamps NZ

The MYSTAR H/L Nextorch is equipped with NEXTORCH Patented Fresnel Lens Focusing Technology, which achieves a 360 degree swivel adjustability so that you can freely adjust the focus from a focused beam to a flood light according to different lighting requirements.

The partial pressure headband design divides the head lamp’s weight so it can be more comfortable for longer wearing.

The MyStar is your ideal choice for mountain climbing, spelunking, wilderness running, and industrial repairs.

With four modes to choose from there’s always the right amount of brightness when needed: high at 760 lumens, medium at 245 lumens, low at 28 lumens, and SOS mode at 210 lumens.

Headlamp Buyer’s Guide

This headlamp buyer’s guide will explain the questions you should consider before deciding on the headlamp that’s right for you.

How many lumens does the headlamp support?

A headlamp should have a high lumen output.

The higher the number of lumens, the brighter and more powerful it will be.

If you plan on using your headlamp for activities like camping or hunting, then a backpacker’s lamp with 200-500 lumens is perfect.

If you plan to use it mainly around town then 100 or fewer lumens would work fine because they are not as bright and can save battery life while still providing enough light for basic tasks such as walking at night.

A red LED setting usually has low power usage but does not provide much lighting so only switch on this if necessary (e.g., when in total darkness). A dim mode uses even less energy than a red one; however, we would recommend you have a decent high-power light setting as well.

Is the headlamp waterproof?

If it is not waterproof then your headlamp will deteriorate quickly if used in bad weather or when exposed to water, e.g., rain and snow, so try to find one that can stand up to harsh conditions without deteriorating too fast.

In some cases, this may mean buying an expensive model but they are less likely to break down than cheaper options because even though more affordable ones often advertise themselves as being weather-resistant or water-resistant, not all of them actually prove reliable during use under extreme conditions.

Also look out for models with rubber seals around buttons and zips which provide protection from dust and water compared to headlamps which do not have any sealing material.

Is the headlamp’s battery rechargeable?

The headlamp will be able to stand up to harsh conditions more effectively if it is rechargeable because not having a replaceable battery means you won’t have the hassle of buying new batteries over and over again.

If you plan on using your lamp outdoors, then this feature could save money as well as time spent going back and forth from shops that sell double A or triple A batteries for non-rechargeables.

Rechargeable units also tend to hold their charge longer than ones that take alkaline cells so they can last longer between recharging sessions too which saves money by reducing the number of times a charger needs to be bought or plugged in.

How long does the headlamp battery last?

A good headlight should have a battery life of at least three hours from new.

How heavy is the headlamp?

Look for a light model that is not too heavy because then you will be able to wear it comfortably and longer without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

If the lamp feels too heavy, take note of how long you plan to use it out in the field because if it is going to make a huge difference as far as weight goes, then maybe something lighter would work better instead.

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