Kids tablets are a great way to keep your kids entertained and give them access to educational content.

If you’re interested in buying one for yourself or someone else, it’s important that you take the time to do research first.

When you start looking for a kids tablet, you’ll realise there’s a lot of models out there. And finding the right one for your child can be tricky.

To assist you with your buying decision we’ve created a list of the 5 BEST Kids Tablets NZ! We’ve also included a kids tablet buyer’s guide so you know what to consider when buying a kids tablet.

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The 5 BEST Kids Tablets NZ

1AEEZO Kids Tablet

Price: $120
Key specs: 2GB RAM | 32GB Storage | 7″ 1920×1200 screen


  • 1920*1200 (HD) resolution screen is great
  • Food-grade silicone case is comfortable to hold and durable
  • IPS 178° wide viewing angle ideal for multiple kids
  • Great value


  • 2GB RAM can be slow

The AEEZO Kids Tablet is perfect for children who want a device that is both stylish and functional.

The tablet has a really high resolution display for a kids table at of 1920×1200, 2GB RAM, and a quad-core processor.

The latest Android 10 operating system ensures that your child can use all the latest apps and games. Netflix and Disney+ are available here.

And with Google Play Store preinstalled, your child will have access to millions of other apps and games.

The tablet also comes with Kidoz – an app that provides safe and educational content for children. Plus, the AEEZO FamilyGroup parental control system allows you to keep track of your child’s online activity.

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2Pritom Kids Tablet

Price: $200
Key specs: 32GB RAM | 32GB Hardrive | 7″ 1024 x 600 screen


  • With 32GB RAM this it’s really quick
  • Screen is responsive and the device is light, great for kids
  • Great price


  • Not compatible with Netflix

The Pritom Kids Tablet is perfect for your child’s entertainment and education.

This tablet comes pre-installed with safe and fun children’s apps to help them learn and play. While we were disappointed it didn’t support Netflix there’s plenty here to provide entertainment for your kids.

It has a kid’s store where you can download different apps according to your child’s age and interests. We loved the longevity of this device. Your kids will use it and want to use it for years.

It’s also quick and efficient. The Pritom Kids Tablet runs on the latest Android 10 OS and has 32GB of RAM so it offers the best possible user experience for kids.

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3HAPPYBE Kids Tablet

Price: $160
Key specs: 2GB RAM | 32GB Hard Drive | 8″ 1920 x 1200 display


  • Full HD 8″ Display with Eye Protection
  • Large Capacity 8 hour Battery
  • Comes with a Protective Case


  • Low RAM can cause slowdowns

The Happybe kids tablet is the perfect device for parents who want to give their children a safe and fun Android tablet experience.

Compatible with nearly all apps on the Google store there isn’t anything you can’t do with this tablet. With its 1920×1200 dispaly its the best display on this list, its vibrant and clear perfect for animations and cartoons. The one thing we didn’t like was the 2GB RAM which meant it did slowdown at times.

The pre-installed apps and parental controls make it easy to limit screen time, set educational goals, and keep your child safe online.

Plus, the high-performance quad-core processor ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for your little one.

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4Pebble Gear – Disney Tablet

Price: $199
Key specs: 1GB RAM | 16GB Storage | 7″ touchscreen display


  • Comes with exclusive Toy Story apps, games & e-books.
  • Parental controls are easy to set up
  • Comes with a durable, shockproof bumper for protection


  • Subscription required after first 12 months.

This tablet is packed with games, apps and eBooks that have been handpicked with kids in mind. Over 500 apps are avialble here and none of them require Wifi connectivity which is brilliant for outdoor use or on holiday.

What’s great about this kids tablet is it also comes with exclusive exclusive Disney games, eBooks and themes for non-stop fun. If your kid loves Disney they’ll love this tablet.

A special Disney protective bumper-case is included, keeping your tablet safe from accidental drops, slips and spills.

Parental Controls are super-easy to set up, giving you maximum peace of mind over how your child uses their tablet. You can set screen time monitoring and shutoff easily.

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5LeapFrog: LeapPad Ultimate

Price: $260
Key specs: 7″ touch-screen | 8GB storage | Comes with a case


  • 7″ Shatter-safe screen is responsive and durable
  • Includes a multitude of great school readiness apps
  • Comes with a kid-friendly web browser with parental controls included


  • Some apps cost extra
  • Expensive

LeapPad Ultimate is the perfect tablet for preparing preschoolers and kindergarteners for school.

With its included school readiness apps, creative apps, music apps and more, your child will be able to learn and have fun at the same time.

The worst thing about this tablet is that some of the apps cost extra money and we found them to be overpriced in a lot of cases. It’s also quite expensive. But if you’re looking for a kids tablet that prevents children from accessing YouTube or other websites, this is great.

The Just-for-Me learning technology is built into many of the learning games on this tablet, assessing your child as they play and automatically adapting the curriculum to keep them engaged and motivated.

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Kids Tablet Buyer’s Guide

Kids tablets have many benefits for both parents and children. They can be used as educational tools to help young children learn how to read or do math more effectively.

They can also be used as toys to entertain your child while they are sitting in the back of your car on a long drive.

But if you’re not sure about whether or not this is something that would work for your family, then keep reading! This buyer’s guide will explain what potential buyers should consider before buying a kid’s tablet.

Does the kids tablet come with parental controls?

One of the main benefits of a kids tablet is that many come with parental controls. This can be especially important to those parents who want to give their kids tablets as toys, without sacrificing the safety and security of their children.

It means that you can set time limits on how long kids are allowed to play on their tablets, or even restrict which apps they’re allowed to use.

What software does the kids tablet use?

It’s not essential but it’s a good idea to get a kids tablet that is compatible with your phone. By compatible, it’s a good idea to get a kids tablet that uses the same software as your phone.

That way, you can easily download your kid’s favorite apps onto their tablet.

What size is the kids tablet?

It doesn’t matter too much but it might be a good idea to consider what activities your child will use their kids’ tablets for before deciding on which size would suit them best.

If they intend to take it in the car with them then a smaller tablet might be better as it’ll make transporting easier and won’t weigh down small hands too heavily either.

On the other hand, if they want something that tends more towards educational purposes or even games involving fine motor skills like puzzles or drawing activities, then a larger screen may prove more beneficial. It all depends on how old your children are and what kind of activities they’re into.

What type of connection does the kids tablet have?

This is another thing you may want to consider if you plan on using your child’s new tablet for educational purposes – Wi-Fi connectivity.

Many schools are now moving towards providing their students with tablets and, as a result, more and more apps that can be used for learning are becoming available online. If you think your child might benefit from this then it’s worth considering getting them a kids’ tablet that has Wi-Fi capabilities.

Does the kids tablet come with a case?

It’s also worth considering whether or not the kids tablet comes with a case. It might seem like an unnecessary addition but it can be important if you intend on using your new kid’s tablet outside of home too.

If they’re going to be carrying their kids’ tablets in their backpack for example, then it may get damaged at some point along the way and having a protective casing will help prevent this from happening.

Are there any other features I should look out for?

There are plenty of extra features that different kids’ tablets come with so it really depends on what you’re looking for in one.

Some tablets allow parents to record their children’s voices and then play them back, which can be a great way of monitoring how well they’re doing with their lessons.

Others come equipped with cameras, perfect for keeping an eye on your little one when you’re not around. It all depends on what you want from your kids tablet!

Kids Tablet FAQs

When should a kid get a tablet?

This is a loaded question, because there are different kinds of tablets. For example, if you’re buying for an infant or toddler then the tablet should be non-touch screen and have parental controls so mommy can turn it on when she wants to use it.

If you’re buying for an older kid (like in primary school) then they’ll need something with touch screen capability that has educational games available through Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

How old should my child be before I give them their own tablet?

It depends how responsible your kids are around electronics, but usually somewhere between five and seven years old will work depending on the type of device you get them.

It’s not necessarily age-appropriate though – meaning just because your child is ten years old doesn’t mean they are ready for the responsibility of their own tablet.

Is a tablet good for toddlers?

A tablet can be a great learning tool for toddlers, but you should get them one that is specifically designed for young children.

These tablets usually have non-touch screens, are shatterproof, and come with parental controls to make sure your child stays safe online.

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