There are many trampolines on the market today, and finding the one that suits you can be tricky. There’s a lot you need to consider and it can all be a bit overwhelming.

To help you with your buying choice we’ve made a list of the 6 best trampolines NZ!

We’ve also included a trampoline buyer’s guide so you can see what questions you need to ask before buying a trampoline.

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The 6 BEST Trampolines NZ

1Superfly X

Price: $799
Key specs: Shape: Circular | Size: 12ft (with other size options) | 220kg weight limit


  • Super safe
  • Comes in a variety of different sizes
  • Extra accessories can be purchased like a basketball hoop
  • Super strong design


  • Putting it together can be tough

When it comes to fun, no one does it like Superfly. The Superfly X trampoline won’t lose its bounce as the years go by and they’re safe. This is easily the best trampoline in the market. It’s strong, sturdy and we loved how safe it was for our young children.

The springs are covered with durable PVC pads that keep bouncers and spectators safe from harm.

The safety net has an innovative asymmetrical tailored design that opens out towards the top so you will have plenty of room to move as your confidence grows with Superfly X Trampoline.

The Superfly X is safe surrounded by a taut mesh, secured with an advanced patented sleeve and pin system so it stays untouched at all times.

But one major highlight is the ladder which makes it easy for younger bouncers climbing in and out of this trampoline by themselves without any help from adults.

With that said, we found this trampoline was strong enough to accommodate multiple adults as well.

Buy now for $799 from

2FitnessFlex Trampoline Advanced

Price: $649
Key specs: Shape: Circular | Size: 12ft (with other size options) | 250kg weight limit


  • Strong design
  • Comes in two sizes 12ft and 14ft
  • Very safe


  • Not compatible with other accessories

The FitnessFlex Trampoline is designed with a high level of safety in mind.

Its quality materials provide great durability against the harsh outdoor environment in New Zealand and a safe bouncing experience.

The Curved Padded Supporting Net Poles design increases the distance between the safety net and poles. Bouncers are unlikely to make any contact with the poles, which means: less risk of injury.

Whether we were going crazy on the trampoline or double bouncing our young ones they never hit the poles. The net was strong enough to hold even when children were running directly into it.

The Robust Safety Net is built to last. It won’t fade; it’s extremely strong and made with high density nylon tightly weaved for maximum strength and superior durability!

It’s also got a firm bounce to it so you can do flips and land on your back as well.

Buy now for $649 from

3TSB Living Arc Trampoline/With Basketball Hoop

Price: $839
Key specs: Shape: Circular | Size: 16ft | 150kg weight limit


  • Safe and sturdy net
  • Easy to build
  • Comes with basketball hoop


  • Expensive

The TSB Living Arc Trampoline is perfect for bouncing with the entire family.

With an enclosure of tough fabric, this professional grade trampoline is constructed to withstand hours of fun.

Safety netting surrounds the perimeter to keep children safe as they bounce around and enjoy some good exercise. While the net wasn’t as soli as the trampolines at number one and two on our list, it was still strong enough.

The bonus accessory package includes a basketball hoop set so you can play all day long no matter what time of year it may be! It pays to know you can get the trampoline without the hoop as well for $100 less.

It also features matching ladders that let your little one safely climb on or off at any height. And don’t forget about the treading on the specially designed mat which makes jumping safer than ever before by minimizing vibration hazards!

Buy now for $839 from TSB Living via (

4KiwiJump 14ft Trampoline with Net & Ladder

Price: $499
Key specs: Shape: Circular | Size: 14ft | 150kg weight limit


  • Great price
  • Comes in several different sizes
  • Easy to manufaccture


  • Lacks extra accessories

If you’re looking for hours of backyard fun, look no further than the KiwiJump 14ft Trampoline!

Perfect for all ages, this trampoline is a great way to get active and have some fun outdoors.

With a robust enclosure to keep kids safe, as well as thick padding for extra protection, this trampoline is perfect for any backyard.

Plus, it comes with a handy ladder so you can easily get on and off the trampoline!

It’s not as sturdy as other trampolines higher up on this list and we were hesitant to have multiple adults on it as well as kids but it’s a great price and perfect for children who want to jump around.

Buy now for $499 from 1-day via (

5Active Intent Trampoline

Price: $379
Key specs: Shape: Circular | Size: 14ft | 150kg weight limit


  • Great price
  • Comes in a variety of different sizes


  • Net not as strong as other trampolines

Bounce to your heart’s content, with this spacious trampoline.

The Active Intent Trampoline offers superior bounce characteristics with its springs for safe and durable bouncing suitable for kids and adults.

The ladder and shoe bag are also matched, so shoes can be well accommodated when getting on the unit.

This is a perfect outdoor trampoline for families and friends with a safe and durable bounce that suits any ages.

It didn’t feel as safe as other trampolines on this list, simply because the net wasn’t as tight and the bars don’t curve outwards from the bouncing area. However, if your kids are a bit older and can be left to there own devices on this trampoline, this is a great affordable option.

Buy now for $379 from The Warehouse via (

6Kahuna Trampoline

Price: $333
Key specs: Shape: Circular | Size: 4.5ft | 45kg weight limit


  • Perfect for indoors
  • Small size for young kids
  • Affordable


  • Only suitable for one person

A trampoline 4.5 feet in diameter, the Kahuna is about the right size for small kids to enjoy safe bouncing fun that still feels exhilarating.

The safety net surrounding the mat separates the jumping area from springs and provides peace of mind to both children and parents.

The Kahuna Trampoline is a great way to keep little ones active outside. or you can easily have it inside as well.

We put the Kahuna inside and watched as our young child jumped for hours on end. It’s small and will only accommodate a single young child but if you aren’t after a massive trampoline or don’t have a yard this is a great option for young kids. It’s a great price as well.

Buy now for $333 from Klika via (

Trampoline Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking to buy a trampoline? If so, then this buyer’s guide is for you! There are many different types of trampolines on the market and it can be hard to know where to start. That is why we have put together this buyers guide that will help you choose the right one.

We will take a look at what questions potential buyers should ask before they purchase as well as features and considerations people need to keep in mind when buying a trampoline.

What shape trampoline do you want?

There are two main shapes of trampolines: round and rectangular. The round shape is the traditional trampoline while the rectangular shape is more for competitive use.


These are the traditional trampoline shape and it is what most people are familiar with. Round trampolines are open on all sides, making them more suitable for lighter jumping.

This shape also allows you to do somersaults. The disadvantage of this shape is that it can be difficult to store, depending on your location.


Rectangular trampolines are more for competitive use and can be hard to store. They offer a lot of bounce and the jumping area is wide enough to allow somersaults, but it isn’t as easy as round trampolines to do them on because there aren’t any corners that you can grab onto.

What size trampoline do you want?

Trampolines come in different sizes. The size will depend on where you would like to place it and how many people are using the trampoline. Different models also have varying weight limits, so be sure that all members of your household can use the same model safely.

If space is not an issue then we recommend buying a bigger sized trampoline because it means more jumping room for everyone! If there isn’t much space available though, don’t worry – just find out what dimensions suit your needs best. That way you won’t end up with something big or too small that you won’t use.

What is the weight limit of the trampoline?

It is important to check what the trampoline’s maximum user weight capacity or “weight limit” is before you buy. Ensure that all members of your household can safely and comfortably use it.

Most models have a 250-pound (113kg) maximum, but if there are kids in your house who might go on it together then be sure to get one with an increased load capacity so everyone will feel safe jumping at the same time!

If there aren’t any limitations though we recommend getting one with a higher than average weight because they offer more bounce which means better entertainment for everyone!

Is safety equipment included with the trampoline?

Trampoline manufacturers should include some form of safety equipment when you purchase the trampoline. This could be a net enclosure, pads or other safety items like ladders and padding for the frame edges.

It is important to check that your model comes with some form of equipment in order to ensure maximum user comfort and safety. Make sure it’s not too difficult to install but also make sure they aren’t flimsy because no one wants them breaking while someone is using them!

What materials are used in construction? What benefits do these offer?

Trampolines come standardly made from steel frames which provide good support throughout its lifetime. They may also have aluminum parts where extra strength or durability might be required such as around springs, opposite poles etc. The number of legs on the trampoline is usually four and they provide stability.

Trampolines come in different materials, which can affect the price of the model you purchase as well as offer some specific benefits to users.

Steel trampolines are most common but aluminum ones might be better for people who don’t want a rusting trampoline over time! Some models also use memory foam or other materials that add more comfort when jumping so consider these if you think it will improve your experience on the product!

Do you want an enclosure with your trampoline?

An enclosure is a great investment because it will prevent children from falling off the trampoline and injuring themselves. They aren’t essential but they are a great safety feature for any family with kids who want to use it regularly.

Enclosures help keep in your jumping area by preventing you from going outside of its limits when bouncing around! Most enclosures also have a netting attached that is designed to be safer than just having springs or poles out there so consider this if you think it will improve your experience on the product!

Do you want a trampoline with handles?

Many people don’t know that there are trampolines on the market with handles. These can be helpful for kids to get into position or adults who don’t feel up to jumping off of the edge of the trampoline.

The one thing you should keep in mind when purchasing a trampoline with handles, however, is that they take up more space which will limit how much room you have left to do other activities!

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